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I have always had trouble keeping records on how much my friends owed me or how much I owed them. It always ended up not being paid. And iOWEYOU is just the service I was looking for. iOWEYOU is an innovative expenses sharing system, originally designed for use in a shared student house. The key […]

Can I Crash

24Jan06 is a wonderful project that lets bloggers find friendly people who will let them stay at their place. It should be wonderful to find new people and mingle with them for a couple of days. “Can I crash?” is a project of Toothless Tiger initiated by Henriette Weber Andersen – who basically is a […]

Have you ever wondered how the Cyber Police work their way through the E-Mail hoax and stuff. Well here is a nice tutorial on how to trace an E-Mail. What makes this tutorial a must read is the way in which it has been designed, with lots of screen-shots and examples with the theory behind […]