Archive for January 14th, 2006

Here’s a nifty little tool that everyone at some point or the other wished they had. Ever wondered how you could transfer that 5 mb file when all you had were 3.5″ floppies. Or that file with a size just above that of your CD-R. Enter The File Splitter. This program can split a file […]



FileSwap is a web service with a slogan “Give one file, get one free!” As the name suggests, it is a simple file swapping service where you upload a short file and you get a short file which has been uploaded by another person. is meant to be fun. It acts as a big […]



This is simplicity and performance defined. Mplayer is an excellent media player. I don’t know if there is any file type that it can’t play. Very convenient for viewing videos, but can play audio too. It takes up very little memory. It just plays the video and closes at the end of the video. The […]