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Was there ever a time when you just sat looking at the computer screen wondering where next to go on the World wide Web? Look no further. StumbleUpon gives you hours of awesome surfing. They have a large database of websites rated by their users and they let you choose your areas of interests and […]

Takin Pictures


Kodak has a very informative and definitely helpful tutorial/tips page for the ameture photographers. By just following the top ten tips that they provide in their site, you can make your photos stand out. The tutorials also covers on how to shoot at different scenarios (wedding, special objects, babies, people, event etc.). What makes it […]

No hierarchy, no bureaucracy, no hassles… just the sun, the sand, the sea, cinema and more. It is time again for the third Bring Your Own Film Festival (BYOFF) on the Puri beach. BYOFF-2006, to be held from February 21 to 25, will be more than just a film festival — you can sing, dance, […]