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The latest version of Blender was released on December 22, 2005. Blender is probably the most widely used 3D graphics modeller and renderer. It is open source (released under the Gnu Public License) and is available for most common platforms. It can be use to create models, has an in built renderer and can also […]

Techkriti ’06 the technical fest of IIT Kanpur(UP) is out, this year its bigger, better and fresh. A few new competitions have been introduced. The theme for this years edition of Techkriti is India 2050, which is very interesting as it calls for ideas in connection with the development and economical balance for the betterment […]

If the government and the industry are in an agreement then we may soon have WiMax technology in India. The decision to move forward towards WiMax is a direct result of the Indian Wireless Broadband Summit which took place on 10th Jan 2006(yesterday) at New Delhi. Dr. Paulraj who co-founded Beceem Comunications has submitted his […]

Have you had problems reading text online? Do you read a lot of eBooks? Do you spend time sqeezing your eye to make out what those tiny letters in a corner denote? eReader is an extension that Firfox offers to help you out. Thanks andman42!. The eReader lets you easily scale the text size and […]

Google Video


Google Videos has come up with some major updates. 1) The Google Video Store which offers NBA videos, movies, music videos and to top it off a few TV serials(MacGyver, The Charlie Rose Show etc.) for sale. It has a fairly good collection. 2) Non-copy-protected content can be put on your iPod or PSP using […]