FileSwapFileSwap is a web service with a slogan “Give one file, get one free!” As the name suggests, it is a simple file swapping service where you upload a short file and you get a short fileswapping which has been uploaded by another person. is meant to be fun. It acts as a big black box. You put in one file and you will receive a different file in exchange which someone swaped earlier. If many users swap cool files many other users recieve cool files.

FileSwap allows a file of size max. 2 mb to be swapped. It is a nice idea, but I feel it hasnt clicked. In about the 10 swaps I had, none of the files I got back were interesting. Most of them were Pictures and were being used as a medium for advertising. But nevertheless FileSwap has a huge potential and as they claim, it is meant to be FUN.


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