Photojojo has a brilliant tutorial on how to make your very own panographies by using Adobe photoshop or other such photo editors. The idea is simple: Similar to the previously mentioned Hockneyizer, instead of the software clipping your images into smaller segments, here you take pictures of smaller segments and crudely arrange them out using your editor.

If you like Hockney, you’ll love this.

Do you ever look up at the sky, a towering office building, or an
expansive landscape and wish your photos could capture everything you
can see with your eyes? We do.

Our pal Mareen does this neat thing she calls panography. Taking
dozens of photos of a scene, she assembles a patchwork of images that
more accurately represents what your eyes see when you’re not looking
through a viewfinder.

Call it super wide-angle panorama or call it panography, we think it’s awesome

It took me some hours to complete my first one, but let me tell you I loved the final product and I am just addicted to this.

Panographies: Panoramas on Steroids

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