Cloning your mobile phone


The objective here is to have two fully functioning mobile phones while only paying one bill. You’ll need two cell phones, one with service and another without.

Now the first step is to find the secret menu on your cell. is one of the best places to find that out, just search for your model number and check out some of the hacks.

After you enter in the secret number and enter the secret menu on the serviced phone, look for your phones ESN. ESN (Electronic Serial Number) – Each cellular phone is assigned a unique ESN, which is automatically transmitted to the cellular tower station every time a cellular call is placed. The Mobile Telephone Switching Office validates the ESN with each call. Usually it says serial number right on it so its simple to find.

After that write the serial number down along with your phone number and area code. Next on the phone that does not have service do the same exact steps to get to the secret menu and then go to the serial number clear the number thats already in there and input the serial number of the phone that has service. Then you have to find your code to be able to change your number (For Nokia phones the secret menu is *3001#12345#, and the number changer is #639#).

Then change the number to the serviced phone and there ya go you have two phones for the price of one… One thing I might add though is that if two people are using the two phones which is the idea here whichever phone the tower finds first is the one it will ring. A little inconvenience but I think its worth it. You can always revert back to the original setting if you are irritated with this hack (Just make sure you note down the ESN number of the dummy phone before erasing and feeding it with the ESN of the serviced phone). I would suggest you to get a phone card to keep the bills down.

The author is not responsible for your actions. This is just a tutorial for educational purposes. Don't play this trick on somebody else's phone so you can enjoy free calls.

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  1. 1 srivatsan

    Interestin;Did u try it out?

    • 2 Joe

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    • 4 Justin

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    • 6 Mary

      My LG G4 died on me (it’s the boot loop which LG neglected to warn users of) and there are apps on my phone that won’t just transfer over with my gmail info. I have to either get a transfer code directly from the app (it only works once per code) or set up something to be able to transfer my progress in the game to a new device. This wouldn’t be a problem if I could get into my current phone, but because I can’t, well you know. I tried taking it to the verizon store but they didn’t even know about this defect and supposedly it can be fixed but they’ve already sent me a new phone.
      Now, my question is will cloning my phone also clone the app data? Since I can’t access my serviced phone, is there a way to either transfer all the app data directly from my old phone to the replacement so that I won’t lose my game progress and have to start all over (which would be very expensive at this point and some of the stuff I can’t get again cuz they were from events) or can I clone the new phone at least long enough to get the stuff I need to keep from losing all my game progress?

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  2. 8 viv

    Does it mean that if a call comes on one set both sets can hear the call. Can this be used to snoop on sum one elses phone if you clone his phone and have the cloned phone with you and if yes how to detect that your set is cloned and some can hear your talk..

    • no… what happens is when someone calls the hacked phone… the signal is sent to the tower from the callers phone… it travels along the path to the phones… whichever phone happens to be the closest to the tower that has the call rings while the other doesn’t… this is really meant for someone that has a phone that their carrier doesn’t want to put on there network.. i.e. you get a phone from Craigslist and its verizon…. but your carrier is Sprint (the best) you can clone it and turn off your old phone and the new one will ring instead… it should be mentioned that this is highly illegal… and that if your carrier finds out… which they can… you will get in major trouble… also… if you do this you will not be able to call tech support if your new phone gets messed up…

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  3. 11 Sagaro

    1) See when you clone the cellphone, not both get the call. Which ever phone the service provider tower finds first receives the call.

    2) This implies, if you and your friend had two sets which are cloned. And assume I called you, then the first one the tower finds gets the call. So lets say your friend gets the call.

    You wouldn’t know about it. But if you press the talk button in your phone (for example while trying to call another person) while your friend is still talking to me, then you can listen to our convo.

    3) You can’t detect if your phone is cloned or not. Unless and until,

    a) the person with your cloned fone is talking to his friend and you at that time decide to call a friend of urs… in which case you will be listening to his conversation. And you would know its been cloned.

    b) or, one of your friends complains to u saying that he called you up, but some XYZ picked up the phone, instead of you.

    Whats the use of this? Well I was able to come up with a numberous uses for this. Am sure you can think os as many 😀

  4. Cool. worth trying out.

  5. 13 WA

    appa thambi, seriously have you tried this or what? Poor SIM card – adha clone panaliye? Are you telling me that your phone provider doesn’t use any parameters on the SIM to authenticate the calls?

  6. @WA:
    I am sure you know there are ways to make calls from a cellphone without a sim card. Nope, I am not talking about the emergency call. I am talking about modding the internal circuitry.

    Well, lemme make it more clear. When you open the batteries of say a Nokia 3315, apart from the sim card pins, there are a set of other pins visible under the support plastic which when connected in a specific manner enables u to use the phone as a free calling phone. This is not a bug, but it is used for testing purposes of the phone when they are manufactured. Now that ends the use of sim card.

    Ok now lets get to how a tower detects a phone? It detects using the phones ESN number. What role does the sim card play? When I put the sim card into the cellphone, the sim keeps interacting with the SP and keeps authenticating that your ESN nis registered with Hutch/Airtel or what ever.

    Now when the other phone has the sim. The SP knows that the ESN numbered phone falls in their service. So when it gets a call, the tower looks out for the esn numbered phone. But since now there are two phones with same esn, and this is uncommon so the tower stops searching after it finds the first esn numbered phone.

    Ok now thats a very brief way on how all this works. But for more details on the whole logic, please mail me. Would be happy to clarify. And its not a big deal to try it out yourself… takes about five minutes… And don’t worry you cant screw up you mobile so bad that it can never be reverted to its original state.

    • 15 NTIHEMUKA

      how are you doing dear one?well am student in a univerty just in the departement of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and I don’t understand how really one can clone thier mobile phones as well as the working of tower.can you help me with that????

    • hai……..!i just can’t understand how this works…
      can u give me more details on cellphone cloning & how cellphone works without using a sim card????

    • 17 amit rajeshwarkar

      Superb info out here!I am a student and chose cell cloning as a seminar report topic,it would be better if i could place a demo in front of my class,so i am striving to learn how to,it would be very helpful,if you can help!!!

    • 18 Amy

      I know this is an old posting, but I must say, yours is the ‘easiest to understand’ one that I’ve read lately. So, needless to say, I’d like to ask you a few questions, if you have the time to briefly answer me with easy explanations like you did here… I’ve been experiencing crazy stalker stuff, from my boyfriend, know he’s doing it-swear by it- but can’t put my finger on it. Every time I am about to, I realize or assume I’m giving him WAY too much credit and there’s no way he’d ever be able to pull off this type of stuff… So I have never proven what I know. He appears to be amused by my ignorance too… Frustrates me because I know my iQ is higher and I’ve learned a lot about this type of thing – just not sure which lesson is the solution. If you have time, email me and I’ll gladly give you the short version (which has gone on over 3yrs) and see what you think. Even if you can’t help me completely, maybe you can lead me somewhere else or even help me rule out some things. I know the easiest solution is to get a new boyfriend but like I’ve told him, now I’m obsessed – but if (and when) the day comes that I lay it all out there and prove my case, I’ll never look back… I’ve just been so consumed by this that I NEED to prove to him and myself I was right first… Bad choice, I know, but, anyways, sorry. If you don’t mind me asking a few things, please email me amlywatks at gmail. Thanks.

    • 19 David

      Hey I was wondering if you would be willing to teach me more about cell phones. I would appreciate that so much. If you email me I will send you my number so we can talk more about it. Contact me at thank you

  7. 20 WA

    Have you tried it yourself? And it works?

  8. 21 dave

    how would u clone a verizon xv6700?

  9. 22 Marty

    If a person has never seen or had access to your phone, is it still possible to have your phone cloned? I believe my phone has been cloned and I thought a SIM card fought against this kind of thing. What can I do to combat this? I have a person that claims they have access to my SIM card, and texts, pics etc….Cingular says this is not possible…

  10. 23 Divas

    How can i make calls without inserting my sim?

  11. 24 TTTTOOOMM

    Anyone no how to find this secret menu on a Blackberry 7130e

  12. 25 Jac

    Hey, i have one Verizon phone samsung sch i730 without service and lg m6100 with t-mobile service. how can i clone the samsung .

  13. 26 tiwari

    hey can any one tell me full codes for cloning of nokia 6600 and how to find esn no and secret menu for nokia6600 i would like to know whether two same nokia6600 canbe cloned or not

  14. 27 John

    i have a few questions i hope you can help me with

    first can i clone the blackberry nextel 7520 and 7100i

    also you talked about How to make calls without inserting a sim
    How can i make calls without inserting my sim in the blackberry nextel 7520 and 7100i

    any help you can provide would be appreciated

  15. 28 tiwari

    how to find esn no of nokia 6600 and how to change esn no of nokia6600

  16. 29 bishwa

    how I cloned my CDMA LG mobile phone

  17. 31 gary

    if i get sombodys mobile no can i clone that no without knowing the esn codes ect.

  18. 32 díoltas

    rubbish. this is not true. on gsm networks it is not that easy to clone a sim. you need special hardware, a smart card reader and a writer. you then need to copy something called the KI and the IMEI number onto a new sim card. you cannot access the KI through the mobile phone. there is plenty of info on this subject available online. as for making calls without the sim in, this is just ridiculous.

    Your sim could not have been cloned unless someone had access to your card for at least an hour, with the fore mentioned hardware.

  19. 33 díoltas

    url for a tutorial on cloning sim cards :

    note : this is illegal in most countries.

  20. 34 mandeep

    is there any method to hack a sim so as i dnt get any mobile phone bill irrespective of the fact the number of calls i make ??

  21. 35 Arthur

    Please tell me how to clone a samsung e720 cellphone.or imform me of someone who can.

  22. 36 Jesse

    Anyone have the code for Nextel i 90 c special edition ?

  23. 37 alisha

    can someone please exolain to me how is my husband able to bug my cell phone. i have one phone that is an lg phone on contract and then i started to use a pay and go phone. its a sony ericsson model. they are both bugged. i have been doing so much reading on the net about it. but i don’t understand how it is possible. all i know he has done it numerous of times and has admitted to do doing it in the past. have seen this other hidden phone he carries with him. all my text messages and converstaions are somehow heard by him. he also records it on to some device or gadget. the issue here is trust. he thinks i am having an affair. but aside from this i know it is bugged because my cellphones batteries drain out immediately within a 30 min use. both phones do this. when it is not bugged then it does not do this. it also echoes alot and not to mention the cell phone heats up, like i have been using it for a long time. i read these sure signs on the internet and it alerted me to pick up the cues when my phone is bugged. it is drving me crazy because i do have personal converstaions with family and friends that r clearly not mean t for him. somebody please help me solve this. i have tried asking people around me how this is so. but no one knows anything at all. please help me

    • 38 Ali

      well its depend where u live if u live in Pakistan then its not much difficult here i can check all phone records msg’s , calls etc just from my own source not from bugging and etc if u can mail me back with details which phone u have that would be easy for me to suggest you the exactly what you have to do. thanks

      • 39 Ashley

        Can you tell me how to do this on my daughters phone without her finding out? She is 13 and claims that she doesn’t have a boyfriend but I’ve heard that she actually does and that he is 17. Please help me if you can

      • I had similar problems , needed to know who she’s talking to and what she’s doing . Then my friend asked me to email that they’ll help for a price. My daughter means the world to me so I paid and they delivered .

      • 41 Bray

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    • 42 Sam

      Get a divorce.

  24. 43 Buddhadev

    what is the secret code fo nokia 3310 & 3315 to enter into secret manu for esn.esn

  25. 44 warlord

    i have a samsung sch a645 need to reprogram this phone howdo i do this with or without cables ??

  26. 45 Karen Hardy

    What is secret menu and number changer code for Samsung D807 and Razr V3?

  27. 46 james

    hi dear , can you tell me how should i hear others conversation on mobiles , actually its my problem if you can solve it and i am not asking this for any fun.

  28. 47 blue_screen_of_death

    lol if i know it i answer it

  29. 48 advisor

    You need to divorce your husband. Clearly someone with so much paranoia is either having an affair himself or lacking confidence due to his small penis.

    Either way he’s a loser and you deserve someone better. I wouldn’t put up with that.

  30. 49 rohit

    what is the number changer & secret menu code for N 70 & 6630.esn

  31. 50 rohit

    what is the number changer & secret menu code for N 70, 6630&1100.esn

  32. 51 ody

    pls i tried the secret code of *3001#12345# on my nokia , 3310, and 6600 but it did not work out , so i dont know how to change my number now, or to go to the nam menu pls i need your help on this

  33. 52 brian

    how can i sync all the calls and text mgs to my phone that my wife receives without her knowing. she might be cheating on me.. PLEASE HELP !!!!!

  34. 53 CYDONIA BoY

    HllO all PPL wanna know how to write a small s-code in a nokia S60 4exemple to write my phone number answer automaticly without permission ,,O_o

  35. 54 spot

    looking to clone a lg vx 4500 phone, i need to find out will both phones be able to get the text messages??? the text messages is what i need to see. thank you for any help at all… does anyone know anybody that clones lg 4500 phones?

  36. 55 chris

    how do i clone my phone it was already cloned but it quite working is there a new phone number

  37. 56 yogesh

    plz……… me tell me, how to do cloning ,i am using smart sim & phone model is 2600 , i tried but error was following after each time

  38. 57 thugsta

    can someone help me with my samsung D-807 with any info on how to get it as a free calling phone or any info that you know

  39. Great worth Trying out

  40. 59 allie B

    If you clone a phone, will the text messages appear on both phones or just the one that the tower picks up first.

  41. 60 daniel

    ca n a metro pcs phone be cloned? i ask because of all the talk of a sim card and with metro there is no sim card.

  42. 61 dee

    allie B — did you ever get an answer to your question??If you clone a phone, will the text messages appear on both phones or just the one that the tower picks up first.

  43. 62 allie B

    No, I haven’t gotten an answer yet.

  44. 63 Myo Zaw

    How to clone my Nokia 6560 mobile phone?
    What’s the IMEI number?
    Please reply by mail>>>>

  45. i want to be able to clone a mobile to be able to get sms messages and also to pick up there phone calls,is that possible.if so how .thank you

  46. 65 vivek

    Hi Mr.bothack……im really intersted in d cloning of simphones so could you plz tell me smethin abt dat frm the scratch >>>>>>>plz email me at im eagerly waitin for ur reply…cu soon

  47. 66 amit

    for study

  48. 67 Johnz

    @ Alisha

    Just change your phone….. if it wont work change the sim to(u can keep the number by applying a duplicate sim)

  49. 68 Johnz

    @ Alisha

    Just change your phone….. if it wont work change the sim to(u can keep the number by applying a duplicate sim)

  50. 69 merdan

    how can I clone my nokia 6021 phone (I need code for changing imei number on 6021)

  51. 70 raj_563

    hey….How can i clone any no without reading ESN of that no.
    Please reply me at—-

  52. 71 rahul

    pls i tried the secret code of *3001#12345# on my nokia , 6600 but it did not work out , so i dont know how can i use this code and free call . pls i need your help on this .
    send me email ;
    plzz send me .

  53. 72 samba

    how do i enter into secret menu .And how is it possible to change the esn.

  54. 73 Sunny Balyan

    i can hack any body sim if i got his ki no which is very easy 4 me ? any one want to know how………….

    • 74 shubhangi

      hey,how to clone…and how come i know about secret no.??
      i want to know…

      • 75 bugs

        i hv full info abt cell clone……… u can im on yahoo….., piyu_ragh2004

  55. 76 mgwmag

    is it possible to clone a metro pcs phone, because the phone has no sim, would imagine it would be easier rite.

  56. 77 mgwmag

    is it possible to clone a metro pcs phone, because the phone has no sim, would imagine it would be easier rite.

    email me –

  57. 78 edy

    plz tell me how to get into secret menu …
    i tried that general code *3001#12345#, its not working for my nokia n.gage…

  58. 79 krishna

    plz tell me how to make free calls from nokia 3315/ 6610 hutch pre paid …. pls i need your help on this .

  59. Does anyone know where i can make free long distance calls the South Africa. I am on the t-mobile network

  60. 81 pureoxygen

    All the codes mentioned here dont work. I wasnt able to change the ESN or enter the secret menu wid d codes mentioned. Plz tell me how to clone my 9300i and use it for free calls

  61. 82 Joe

    This phone cloning is such an invasion of privacy. Someone has cloned my phone…
    I’ve had portions of conversations repeated back to me as well as calls drop whenever certain subject matter is discussed. I ‘ve bought a trac phone for confidential purposes but it seems that if they(cloners) can put a location on you, or have your personal info or phone number determining the rest is just deductive work. Is there a phone on the market that can’t be cloned? Someone told me that the new iphone does not have GPS and that’s a step in the right direction, but how about non clonable w/o GPS?

  62. 83 aslam

    i m mobail reparar , can u help me about all mobail prob ? i learn about it. can u assist me that how can i got software for coling and spy wear ?

  63. 84 kapil sharma

    wanted the information of this person …

  64. 85 Aryan Raj

    Hi friend,
    anybody can tell me how i can cloned CDMA Reliance mobile. plz tell me details, i want to cloned my own mobile.

  65. 86 Gopi K T

    how to find out the nokia model number through code i.e for serial no :”*#____#”

  66. 87 Traviata

    Pls, tell me how I can clone Nokia 5140i(my boyfriend cell).please…help me !thanks !

  67. how would i know if someone has cloned my phone and how can i destroy the dummy phone?


  68. 89 Shania

    Hi can anyone help me plssssssss… Actually when am writing msg and sending it to my friends, family etc etc.. Its not from my number that they are receiving it. When i send msg to my brother, he got my msg from another num. However if any1 can help me i will really appreciate that. Also i forgot to tell you, i went in a mobile shop to reprogram my phone as it was not working. I doubt that this guy hack my mobile or something like that. Please help me. my mobile is 3220 nokia

    You can mail me on :



    • I know this is an old posting but I do have a question. My son started getting text from an unknown number. After saying I don’t know you the person got angry but! !! It’s showing on my sprint bill as of he made the initial call/text. It is my acct and my son and wife are also on it. Now when I pull it up its gone and is miss cycle (in the billing period). I’m also trying to figure out how 1 phone could you 20GB in less than 48-72 hours? ??? Any ideas for me to figure this out before I call Sprint, again. This gal that was doing the texting sent screen shots of the text to my daughter in law but the ones on his phone look different than what shows on his. Still no idea who she is or what’s going on. My son called his wife and asked her if she knew the number. Really strange? ???

  70. i want reliance network phone

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    thanking you

  71. i want hutch freecall methad

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  72. 94 Rohit

    I want to know the process of cloning mobile phone step wise. Thanking you in advance

  73. 95 NATAS0538


  74. 96 Lynnette

    I need to clone a LG AX5000 with Alltel. I have an older nokia prepaid phone I would like to use. I have all the information from the secret menu f the LG. Will this work or is it a waste of time?



  76. 98 saran

    hi me saranya doing my electronics and communication engineering
    i need the details and idea of controlling equipments(motor,industrial application)by using mobile.
    And projects regarding mobile.aleardy i have done a project of switch off &on the fan,flow controling in pipe . so i need a new projects which is helpfull in future .
    thank you

  77. respected sir/madam,
    I had lost my Nokia 3315 mobile in train on 29th August2007 . My eme i no of the phone is 351465303386031 . can you track my mobile and please block the service of the phone .My contact no is 09820483002 .

  78. 100 Siva

    Hi I am using Nokia E50 what is secret menu Code I tried *3001#12345# but not working.

    Thank you

  79. pls i will like to know the secret menu, foir nokia 6600, and how to get the number of a person hidding his number when calling

  80. 102 Steve

    I’m interested in this hack for what I believe is a legit purpose. I have a Verizon XV6700 and, while I love the phone, it is a huge brick. I’d like to have a cheap phone I can take to the beach or stick in my pocket. Ideally, I’d like to switch between the two. If I had a GSM phone, I could just switch out the Sim, but with CDMA, no way. Verizon has a phone swicher on it’s website, but it won’t work switching between a PDA plan and a “regular” phone.

    So, I’d like to clone a Nokia 6015i to use the number of my xv6700 while the 6700 is switched off. Can anybody tell me if this is possible, and, even better, explain the steps I need to take?

  81. 103 allwyn

    how can i get into the secret menu of my nokia6070 phone and get the ESN number to clone my phone. please help me. do i have to insert sim to enter secret menu.

  82. 104 Herb

    Can the nokia 6015i be cloned? This *#3001#12345# lets me in but when i try to change anything it asks me for another “Service Programming Code” that I can’t find anywhere on the net. Please and thank you. Herb

  83. 105 kidcode

    Hi I would like to find out how to clone a Samsung T-329 cell phone to another number. Both of which are T-mobile phones.
    For legal reason I need to get this done just as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance for your help…

  84. 106 undefined

    can any 1 tell me about sms spoofing

  85. 107 POOJA VERMA


  86. 108 riya

    HEY GUYS !!



  87. 109 youDUMBasses

    If u idiots really need help doing this u r 2 stupid to use a phone. have u ever tried using a search engine? aww…need everything handed to u on a silver platter? dumb asses. everyone single one of u that says “I have phone XXXX, how can I clone” u r an idiot. Get cancer and die.

  88. 110 viveksingh

    Hi this is vivek from bangalore. I came to read all these posts n your cloning method for GSM N CDMA mobile phones.
    Well iwant to know this process are applicable on CDMA technology, if applicable then how to cloan a [LG AD 6335}.
    U can mail me the procedure on my id

  89. 111 Need Help

    I need help unlocking lg vx3100a. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

  90. 112 Need Help

    my email address is

  91. 113 LERNER

    does any one know the secret menu to a cingular 8125? plz help

  92. 114 lakhan

    hello …i would like to know any site from where i find out the owner of the hutch or airtel numbers …..pls reply me as soon as possible …….u could also mail me at

  93. 115 Celena

    Maybe you can help….

    I was reading about cloning phones as I’m trying to help a friend who is in the middle of a nasty custody battle for her daughter. Her husband claims that she sent threatening text messages to him from her phone. The police even questioned her about it. She did not send these messages, but everything points to her phone. The phone calls show up on her bill, they call are traced to the card in her phone. Is this possible? If so, how did he do this and how can we disprove his claim. This guy is prone to violence and should not have custody of this small child. Please help….

  94. 116 josh

    hello I have my wife’s old cell phone it’s a LG from verizon she upgraded to a one of those Chocolate cell phone and the truth is I think she is cheating on me all she does is Text all the time , Is there a way to turn on her old phone so I can see her texting messaged thanks josh

  95. 117 josh

    Hello I have my wife’s old cell phone it’s a LG rom verizon she upgraded to one of those Chocolate cell phone and I think she is cheating on me and I would like to me be able to check her text messaged thank

    I think I gave you wrong e-mail last time sorry


  96. Hey, cool idea. I tried it works. Thanks

  97. 119 Custom81XLH

    I’m looking for the secret menu code so that I can clone my phone as a backup. I have a Samsung SGH-X426. I recently lost my phone and while trying to find it or get my cell company to give me or sell me a new sim for my backup that crashed, I broke my leg. Now here’s the ironic part 3 weeks after surgery to repair the break I’m hobbling around the house without my crutches and take a step out in the garage not thinking about it and used the broken leg. While I’m standing there cussing up a storm I look down and THERE’S my phone. I now have 2 so I’d like to clone the one I’m using JUST in case this happens again.

  98. 120 KC

    hi, I just want to know if there is a software to program to reprogram ppc 6700 and 6800 from sprint to metro..

  99. This is quite interesting but of course before we give it a try, I’d appreciate to know if you’ve already tried it yourself? How did it go?

  100. 122 Sarah

    Can i clone motorolla RAZR V3 to nokia5300. What’s the esn code? what’s the secret menu? can i clone it without having the motorolla with me? help me.

  101. 123 joseph

    okay i just bought a kyocera k312 metro pcs and i would like to know how to clone it with other phones of my choice i don’t want to have to buy only there phones it is not fair we should be able to choose any phone..
    i wish to know, your help is greatly appreciated,thanks!!!

  102. 124 rick

    Hello sir,
    Happy new year.My chat girlfriend lives in other country.We love .But i think she is cheating on me.I have her mobile number.I can even get her IMEI number just by asking her.Can i sync her calls ,text messages and even softwares(if possible)on my other phone?And how can it be done?Right from the scratch.Please help i may die i love her but want to track her due to her suspicious behaviour.My email address is .Sir please help and all of u please help me.Please mail me at

    Thank u

  103. In the movie “National Treasure – Book of Secrets” they use Phone CLONING, but i m not sure if this is the method used there..

    And this will certainly mean trouble for anyone whose phone got cloned, without their knowledge!

  104. 126 deep

    can you plz help me cloning me nokia2610 phone?? my network region is india.

  105. 127 NutsnBolts

    Thank you thank you thank you HotBack, I cannot believe this actually worked. I have a Nokia 6680 and can’t believe how easy it was to clone the GSM IMEI number and gain access to the secret menu. 7 Minutes exactly. Now I can take my old Nokia brick with me which I wrap in plastic while I’m surfing, and never miss that all important call.

    The sound isn’t all that great and the battery seems to not last as long as it should, but hey, who’s complaining!

    • hi dude can u tell me the method of mobile cloning
      steap by steap
      pls help me i really need that my girlfriend is chating with somebody on my back i need to check her sms
      ok bye

  106. 129 P

    Dear All,

    I would like to know how to enter in to Nokia N70 secret menu,pls reply ASAP.

  107. 130 p

    how can i get into the secret menu of my nokia6070 phone and get the ESN number to clone my phone. please help me. do i have to insert sim to enter secret menu.

  108. 131 PPPPP

    How can i enter to a Nokia N70 Secret menu & get the ESN Code.Pls brief me ASAP.

  109. 132 Rocker

    Dear Reader’s,

    Hope this is an bull shit site, these people are just trying to fool us bu giving us the wrong statements & we like fools are browsing every day find a resoultion of the queries raised by us.

    If really this site has reverted to any of the people pls let me know…………

  110. 133 JD


  111. 134 PPPPP

    DEAR NutsnBolts,



  112. 135 vikas0711

    can i clone sony erricsson w700i

  113. 136 vikas0711

    friends please help me
    my wife is cheating on me ,she is having an affair with a guy
    i want to track her calls,she is having a sony erricsson w700i mobile set
    can i clone her mobile or sim ..
    please help me out urgently.

  114. 137 vikas0711

    please help me,
    my wife is cheating on me ,she is having an affair with a guy
    i want to track her calls,she is having a sony erricsson w700i mobile set
    can i clone her mobile or sim ..
    please help me out urgently.
    plz e mail me at–

  115. I’m trying to find out if my wife is cheating on me. I want to clone her phone. She has a Moto E815 and i have an old LG ax5000, can someone please direct me on what I need to do to clone her phone?? Please email me at ASAP!!!

  116. 139 bob clairday

    is there anyway to retreive my us cellular call details with incoming numbers from 2006 thanx bvc

  117. 140 douglas

    hello, i have a motorola phone and i want to clone it with a nokia phone. can it be done? if so, how can i get into the secret menu on my motorola phone?

  118. Can i clone motorolla RAZR V3 to nokia n95. What’s the esn code? what’s the secret menu? can i clone it without having the motorolla with me? help me.

  119. 142 steve

    my wife textd a guy 6000 time in last two months and went behind my back and meet him . she has a envy phone through verizon . how can i see her texts and hear hear calls for now on

  120. 143 steve

    my wife textd a guy 6000 time in last two months and went behind my back and meet him . she has a envy phone through verizon . how can i see her texts and hear hear calls for now on

    email me if you have a way to do this . .

  121. 144 Slider

    First off, nice article, well written. Ill be trying this out later.

    Secondly, for the interests of genuine hackers and phreaks who are more interested in seeing it work, rather than frauding their phone company, can I suggest you remove all posts that start with “How do I get the number for….”. You included the link in your post. If they missed that, they will undoubtedly miss some other vital step and brick their phone.

    Again nice work. I know the information on cloning phones has been around for a while but as with most docs on the net, actual fact, actual codes, and links within are rare.

  122. 145 sam

    hey wht is the secret menu for nokia 6670….*3001#12345#, is not working….also where is the ESN written???n does r method worlk

  123. 146 Phio

    The listed “*3001#12345#” code is actually what we in the cellular industry refer to as the “Long programming code”.

    This code only actually functions (usefully) on TDMA and CDMA phones. The reason for this being that with both CDMA and TDMA phones, your number is registered on the network within terms of the serial code (ESN) of your phone, and thus the phone needs to be programmed with the SID, SOC, and various network programming necessary to your phone picking up the correct providers.

    Which all operates entirely differently in the US than overseas.

    Needless to say, most of this is held in the SIM card on GSM phones, and is programmed over the air, which means that there’s no point in you screwing around with your phone (thank goodness) saving us poor bastards in tech support large amounts of time wondering what you’ve done to your phone this time.

    The “short” programming code for Nokia CDMA and TDMA phones is *#6391#. This will bring up:

    * The MDN, or phone number,
    * (depending on how old the phone is) the MIN,
    * The SID
    * And the SOC.

    Much of troubleshooting for TDMA or CDMA phones not functioning or picking up the network consists of doing a Dummy ESN Change and then doing the short programming to kick the phone through into the network, often with a Hard Power Cycle involved.

  124. 147

    please send me procedure/software how to do mobile / sim cloning. u r frd vaishali (22 female)

  125. 148 moomo

    my wife textd a guy nuber of times in last two months and went behind my back and meet him . she has a envy phone through verizon . how can i see her texts and hear hear calls for now on

  126. 149 Arvinghost

    I Have a sprint ppc 6700. i bricked it and i can’t do esn change because i have a business account can you PLEASE give me direction on how to copy the esn to any other phone like the mogul or the Touch to have work without have to call sprint to do it..


  127. Like many others, I believe my wife may be cheating on me, and I’m deeply hurt. We have 2 kids and I just want to make the right choice for them. She has a Samsung T639 and I’m hoping I can clone it to mostly look at text messages to and from her phone. Would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.

  128. 151 Frank S.


    Very interesting site

    My interest is in pursuit of a loved ones protection

    This person has been charged with sending threatening text messages

    Which they did not do , but the recipient has evidence on their

    cell it did come from him , name , number etc….

    He has been arrested ( Canada ) and in jail . While police had him and

    his cell in custody text messages from his phone/ID there of , came to

    other ppls cell phones , the same as they came to the person who charged him

    My personal feelings are the person who charged him has some role in this

    and has previously been close enough to access his cell for what ever they

    may have needed to access to perpetrate this .

    Is such hacking possible ? ( it must be ) , and will sent messages etc be saved

    on both phones , the one sending the messages perpetrating the crime and

    the innocent unknowing one ?

    Any direction/helpp is appreciated . The legal system has been no help

    Thank you

    Frank S.

  129. 152 Blowfly

    hey!! cool thing you have there,… anyways how ’bout the sms?, does it mean the nearest one gets the message or both???

  130. 153 mauro

    Anyone knows how to change ESN # on Samsung A670…….? Or how to obtain AKEY for the same phone….?

  131. 154 stromkisser

    hey can u tell me the list of cells on which this thing work specially about nokia phones

  132. 155 Dane

    i bought a verizon env 9900 on craigslist and it was reported lost/stolen, i spent $190.00 for the orange env and i cant activate it, does anyone know how to do this, i would even pay someone to walk me through it, if you email me i will give my home number and i will pay you through paypal or check, my kid is all upset, thanks

  133. 156 Dane


  134. if you read the posting above this one i left my email in case some one can help me with the env9900 that i cant activate because someone lost/stole it and verizon wont activate it, i will pay if someone knows how and can walk me through it, thanks

  135. my email is, if anyone can help me with this verizon env 9900, read my add above!!! thanks

  136. Can u help me to cloning my girlfrient mobile i think she has afair with othere

  137. great post

  138. 161 jugs

    the link you mentioned above for the secret menu on the cellphone was not active anymore and i figured out that it was a secured site and theres a way to access it is there anyone could help me to access that website

  139. 162 Chirag

    can i get the software for mobile cloning,
    and who can modding the internal circuitry to make the calls without the sim.
    have u tried that.

  140. 163 mario

    please i need to bug my wife nokia 6085, at least text received and send

  141. 164 Joe

    i have a sprint moto q (no sim) and an att blackberry pearl (with sim) and would like to know how to clone the blackberry. also is it possible to do it for separate networks or do they both need to be on the same network originally? i can just get some cheap prepaid if necessary. any codes and info would be very appreciated as im looking to do this VERY soon. thanks in advance

  142. 165 arcadice

    i need help cloning a moto razor and how to do it from start me wife is cheating on me and i want to get all the evidence to cathching her so i get sole custudy of my kids the other guy i supect is a very violent man so please help me thanks

  143. 166 arcadice

    any one knows how to do this it would be a great help contact me at

  144. do you know the secret menu for a motorola c 290

  145. very interesting post and comments ..
    thank you everyone for useful information

  146. i want to know more details on cloning. someone has tried to cheat me with my money and honesty. i need more details on how to clone a nokia n73

  147. 170 debra radilaleh

    has anyone clone blackberry or iphones successfully

  148. 171 raymond

    is there a code for cloning my two samsung d600 together i want to clone them together so that i can use both fones together i want to link them together any help would be brill thanks

  149. 172 branco

    Anyone know how to find out where and who is cloning your cell fone? Fekin ragin as some bassa is costing me 100’s….

  150. i hav a samsung sgh c_170 model. i want 2 clone my mobile . can somebody tell me how 2 do that.Do you know the secret menu for a samsung sgh c_170 model.Please send me procedure/software how to do mobile / sim cloning.

  151. my serial # 011086007638410. pleasa block my cellphone by using this serial #. thank you.

  152. 175 Esther Chan

    Your information on cell phone cloning is interesting. I was trying this but encoutered one problem: when I typed the the secret menu *3001#12345#, and the number changer is #639#) for Nokia phones as you instructed, it did not work. Does the “target” phone needs to have a sim card? When you said “the phone that is not in service”, what does that mean? Kindly explain a bit more.


  153. 176 mka

    Hello Everbody
    Can any body suggest some solution for monotring the sony Ericsson W700i mobile by another mobile ( PDA or Motorola Or nokia 3230). Response in this regard will be highily appriciated

  154. 177 himanshu

    hey its really cul
    dat we can clone any1 phon without his /her known .Gud work frnd can u tell me wads da secret menu no of nokia 6233

  155. Dear all hackers,
    I am want to clon my GF Motorola RAZR phone. She is my business partner and
    she took lots of money, always cheating me. Have anyone ever tried to clon the
    RAZR? Or I can buy a new cell and gift to her after cloning. I have a big responsibilty
    for 11 person in my family. Please help me out to save my money & faith.

  156. 179 Marie

    How can I prove and prosecute my Ex husband has a clone of my phone? I have switched to a Blackberry pearl 3 months ago, he has had no access to it. He claims to have been listening to my conversations for 2 years. Sometimes I don’t get text messages that people swear they sent. And other times, people will say they got a text from me when I did not send one. He knows things that he wouldn’t know otherwise. He is very smart and careful in what he is doing, and this is not the only state of invasion. I believe my computer has been invaded as well, and I have been followed. How can I get this to stop, how can I prove that this is happening to the police?

  157. 180 syed safiq

    i want a free hacking software like pentagonia or blug bug to access other mobile..for spying ……thanx

  158. 181 daringtakers

    Secreat manu code *3001#12345# isnt working on nokia mobiles,
    Have you tried it?

  159. 182 eliminator

    trying to clone vx9900 env with same cell diff color lol need 2 know how to retrieve my esn on vx9900 .. meid and esn same thing yess or noooo????

  160. 183 eliminator

    pleazeee help
    esn and meid the same or not???

  161. 184 bigboss

    from whr i can get sim card writer………???

  162. 185 Linda

    OK let me ask you this ,I have a palm one treo 650 I just got off eBay it has no contract or sims card. I wanted to flash it to metropcs but they wont, why I don’t know. I have a metro phone number and a flashed verizon sanyo cell phone Im using now could I clone my phone I have service with now to work on my treo 650. if you could help it would be great.
    Thanks Linda

    I have a sanyo verizon cell flashed to metro
    and want to clone a palm one treo 650.

  163. 186 Brian

    With a cloned phone, can you recieve texts of the original phone on the cloned phone?

  164. 187 HETER ZUNIGN

    Can you send me the step by step clonning instruction to use my cellphone without a chip.

  165. 188 yannick

    hello, i need the secret code for sanyo scp-7050 to change my esn number

  166. 189 Nwaiken

    for nokia secrete codes
    pls go to

  167. 190 surya

    please, if any one know how to stop cloning of mobiles. is there any software to prevent it. if any one have solution then send me by email.

  168. 191 you are all idiots

    What the hell is wrong with you people? You think you’re being tracked by someone? This isn’t a freaking movie where someone is stalking you by bugging your phone. I can’t believe i just wasted 10 minutes reading all of your nut case questions. No one is freaking cloning your phone to stalk you and track you. If your husband thinks your’e cheating on him you might as well do it since he won’t believe you either way. I feel like I am in a bad movie right now. Anyone posting questions on a website like this is not worth stalking.

  169. 192 you are all idiots


  170. 193 SHawn

    I was wondering if I was to clone my girlfriends phone can I get calls and text messages from her phone like in national treasure2? for about a week now she has been holding onto her phone like she was born with it! when she does sit it down all her messages are erased except mine like I was the only one to text her. But she texts like crazy. I’m not controlling or anything like that I have a feeling she’s cheating and would rather find out in text than me walk in on her or see her. If anyone can help please do. Thanks

  171. yeah VIV…. you’re really right

  172. 195 Johny

    PLease tell me more about the process via mail in detail

  173. 196 july

    please i need to clone my husband phone. if i have to pay is ok ,but is an emergency.he got a motorola n the company is boost mobile

  174. 197 Navin

    someone says they can retrieve my sms messages without having access to my phone.
    what is your take on this? do you think some dude can actually have a program that retrieves all my texts? Or has my phone just been the victim of cloning and through this medium he is viewing my incoming and outgoing SMS. Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated.


  175. 198 moise

    i have a samsung sch a645 need to reprogram this phone howdo i do this with or without cables ??

  176. Resp all dear ppl kindlt tell me how to clone nokia phone, can i hear all call of other mobile on my phone , and sms ? kindly tell me on my Id it is my do or die metter. i am very thankfull if nay body tell me.

  177. 200 MARK


  178. 201 Aman


    I just want to know if both of users are not latched the same towers then priority goes to which phone the cloned one or the original one…

  179. 202 bobo_200_5

    question. I have a palm treo 700w from verizon wireless that U use just for voice, no data. I have a blackberry storm that I purchased and i want to clone my number onto the blackberry storm. One problem… verizon won’t let me without the data plan. I was wondering if it’s possible just to clone my number onto the blackberry, thereby bypassing the data plan?

    please email me any details about this, even willing to pay…

  180. 203 bobo_200_5

    forgot to send email

  181. 204 Dee

    please send this website link to the above address…

  182. 205 §indrake_504

    hey all i was wondering how to make free calls without my sim like the manufacture test in the telstra shop and how to clone a mobile for use with a frien so we can call each other free my email is if anyone could please reply it would be most apreciated. cheers.

  183. 206 mohd yaseen khan

    i want clone my girlfriend mobile. for listning her phone activity. please help me.

  184. does any 1 know how to clone a LG Envy 2 or change the ESN e-mail me at

  185. 208 Jay Sandoval

    if you’ve watch that nicholas cage movie (National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets), you’ll get the idea of what this type of cloning could do. pretty cool.

  186. 209 shayen

    i need to know the code for the secret menu for nokia n 95. I need to clone my brothers phone because he got all my friends contact details and he sends them texts and says that they are from of. I need to know what he texts to them because the other day one of my friends came up to me and punched of for a text that i did not send him. The code would given to of today you know. I foot know how much longer i can taketh

  187. 210 Never Been Better

    hmm just want to clarify everything, but i will test it my self though.
    ahm when someone calls, text, send pic message, and everything. in the cloned or the original phone will the clone/orginal phone sees/receives who called, text messages.. cuz im i saw this movie “NATIONAL TREASURE BOOK OF SECRETS” that the clone the phone and it can receive etc. please email me if you have time. thx


  188. 211 CDK

    Im trying to clone my (Verizon) motorola W385 and my LG Env. I bought the LG Env but verizon wont let me use it because its on a black list. Anyway I can clone my W385 to the LG Env? Ive looked for the codes but I cant find them. Thanks!

  189. 212 oscar garcia

    how change mi imei to onether phone i need used tool box expleime pleas thank

  190. 213 oscar garcia

    como se hace el judine what is judine explecmi pleas

  191. 214 oscar garcia

    what is shitch other phone cdma to other phone expleimi pleas 02-02-2009

  192. 215 oscar garcia

    oscar garcia : i trian ti fix many phone i need progran to change imei put more volume change picture complete thanck for you healp

  193. 216 oscar garcia

    190 oscar garcia on February 2, 2009 said:
    como se hace el judine what is judine explecmi pleas

    191 oscar garcia on February 2, 2009 said:
    what is shitch other phone cdma to other phone expleimi pleas 02-02-2009

    192 oscar garcia on February 2, 2009 said:
    oscar garcia : i trian ti fix many phone i need progran to change imei put more volume change picture complete thanck for you healp thank 02-02-2009

  194. 217 djj

    is it possible to clone phone and listen their talks …?
    and messages tell me in detail..

  195. 218 StormOfOne

    i have a old nokia and i want to clone it to a new Palm Treo 700p. if you can help and it works i would be happy to make a donation……. my email is

  196. 219 Pedro E.

    Hello Can someone please tell me the programing code so that I can clone my LG Dare VX9700 . I have a metro line that im willing to clone plese help.. thanx Anyone with info can contact me at

  197. Hi…..

    I am since from 4 year in telecom industry usely i use another software to write the esn of LG’s wllpst or cdma phone . I want to know about the other software how that work and how we can clone the cdma phone by esn and phone number…
    please some budy suggest me !!

  198. how can i get the code for a motorla boost w385 please help i really need to clone my phone please

  199. 222 Tim W

    I need to know how to find out if my phone has been tapped & ifso how to ID the person doing the tap. I would also like to know how to tap a phone so when I find the person that is tapping mine I can return the fav. Thanx for the help.

  200. 223 Mike

    How can you clone a Motorola i880 for Nextel service?

  201. 224 Mike

    Oh does any one know how to get free service for the Motorola i880? And the Unlock Code and all that Stuff? If so thank you very much.

  202. 225 Mike

    Sorry for all the blogs but u can contact me @

  203. 226 sunny

    Help needed to Clone Nokia e-70, I am in India using Airtel network
    please help, need details, since I am new to this

  204. 227 AJ

    Is it possible to block your phone from allowing this clone to take place? My friends phone may or may not be seeing as how we have been texting a lot lately and one of her ex’s knows all about our conversations but she hasnt talked to him in years if so can you point me in that direction?

  205. Nice article

  206. 229 Marc

    When cloning a phone do they have to be the same model.

  207. 230 lee

    can a metro phone be clone if so where do i go

  208. 231 scrappydoo

    i need to clone my cell phone so i could have two, i need unlock codes to get to the menu so i could change it so if anyone could hepp me. please. my main phone is an lg ax300SV, and the one i want to clone is a motorola w315, i need the codes for both of them. so if you could help me out email me please at

  209. 232 Lanigirl

    My email is my husband has a nokia with metro, is there anyway i can know who he is talking to on the phone and listen to there conversations, I am recently disabled and i need a sense of security, he comes home late, and I think he is just waiting for the settlement I would like to know how to program his phone so I can hear it. I have his voicemail password, and access to his account. I want him to receive his calls, I just want to quielty be included. Thk You

  210. 234 anu

    Sir,since 5months iam in depression,my girlfriend is likely ignoring me and my calls,she always holding her phone likely she born with it.can i clone my girlfriends phone(nokia 3110 ,our service provider is same that is ‘Idea’),and get calls and text messages from her phone like in national treasure2? I have a feeling she’s cheating but any how i don’t want this relation at any cost ……i love her by heart.Plz……..if anyone can help please do.
    As soon as ………………


  211. 235 anu

    Sir,since 5months iam in depression,my girlfriend is likely ignoring me and my calls,she always holding her phone likely she born with it.can i clone my girlfriends phone(nokia 3110 ,our service provider is same that is ‘Idea’),and get calls and text messages from her phone like in national treasure2? I have a feeling she’s cheating but any how i don’t want this relation at any cost ……i love her by heart.Plz……..if anyone can help please do.
    As soon as ………………



  212. 236 Gio

    i would like to clone my verizon pearl 8130 how would i do that and please give me details.

  213. Thanks for this article

  214. Is it even possible to do this still?

  215. 239 yesenia

    how can i clone an LG RUMOR phone???
    how can you know about the txt messages sent & being received???
    will you know when they are being sent or received???
    i mean, is it like the movie national treasure???

  216. nokia samsung motorola LG alcatel sony ericsson

  217. 241 The Dark Knight

    Is there a way of cloning a phone if you dont have access to it? I think my wife is cheating on me..and i need proof

  218. 242 The Dark Knight

    Is there a way of cloning a phone if you dont have access to it? I think my wife is cheating on me..and i need proof. She is really good at hiding..

    • 243 SANDMAN

      for all those losers that think their wife’s/ girlfriends are cheating why in world are you still with them ?

  219. 244 perra

    need to clone a blackberry need the program to see the text, calls ,everything

  220. 245 loe

    how to find the secret menu for nokia 1110

  221. 246 Gecko

    I work with Phones Unlocking and Flashing, and this is NOT POSSIBLE USING THIS METHOD

    you need to change the IMEI of the device which is unique, usually this is only possible using A hardware box and RJ45/ USB cable and specialist software.

    This is illegal most places, for example here in ther UK you get 5 years in prison maximum if caught.

    You used to be able to clone sims by bruteforcing the Ki or w./e

  222. 247 Gecko


    can change IMEI, reset lock code and unlock blackberry

  223. but i think if we cloning of mobile, its will be a broken to your mobile

  224. 249 rich

    hi there my g/f i think my is cheating on me she has a samsung how camn i clone this to check her text messages and see who is calling her?
    can any one help?

    • 250 richie

      hi can anyone help how i can clone or trace my g/f text messages and find out who she has phoned and who has phoned her?

  225. 251 bill clinton

    hi there i think my girlfriend might be a dude, how can i check this?

    she may have had surgery so if i can change my imei number this will tell me wont it.


    • 252 Monica

      I was legitimately looking for cloning information. But this is the best post yet.

  226. 253 Joe Foss

    I have two Motorola Digital StarTac ST7800W series phones. One is programed for Aaltel and was programed several years ago. They will no longer put the other one on their system stating that it no longer meets their system specs. I have the hands-free car interconnect kit which connects it to a handset/speaker/antenna whis is a real good option for both units. I need to have these cloned so I can use the other StarTac or otherwise force them (Alltel) to put it on their system. They areTDMA/ CDMA which will work with all systems out there. Wh can clone this for me? Thanks, Joe

  227. 254 louie

    is there anyway of having another phones txt sent to mine , but i would still like both phones to get the txt ?

  228. 255 ed

    greetings, can this be done to the iphone 3g??? thanks

  229. 256 Michael blocks me every time i try to get onto the website. how do i fix this?

  230. 257 rupee

    For unlocking SPC, editing MEID, ESN you can use a program named “DFS tool” – . This tool supports a lot of CDMA handsets. It can help you with your phone without large knowledge’s in CDMA technologies. It is professional tool.

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