Zamzar – free online file conversion tool


zamzar logoZamzar is an online file conversion service which is free and offers support to a lot of file formats (Documents, Audio, Video and Images). The simple interface involves a three step process, 1) Upload 2) Set the conversion to format 3) Provide your email id (to receive the file), to get your file converted from one format to another. Only files upto 100 mb of size can be uploaded for conversion.

Zamzar definitely is a boon to the people constantly working with media for its superiority, flexibility and range over the other such online conversion tools.

The list of the 100+ conversions available can be obtained here.

Zamzar – free online file conversion


5 Responses to “Zamzar – free online file conversion tool”

  1. Zamzar is one of the amazying and most useful web conversion tool which I have tried recently. It’s really faster too!!

  2. 2 baba


  3. it is really useful tool for me

  4. 4 Reed Amanda

    Zamzar is a really good file converting website, but to convert video, I’d recommend Acethinker Video Converter, the conversion speed is faster than zamzar. And it’s totally free.

  1. 1 Convert online YouTube videos with Zamzar « BotHack

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