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Once again, there is a flaw in the way something from Microsoft was written. There is a new exploit that allows arbitrary code to be executed on the client side using an animated cursor vulnerability. Here’s an excerpt from the site… A vulnerability has been reported in Microsoft Windows, which can be exploited by malicious […]

Following the events where Kathy Sierra, a popular geek blogger had to cancel conference visits because of the death threats that were issued to her, things have come to a head. Chris Locke a.k.a Rageboy, the person behind the forum where the threats supposedly originated and Kathy Sierra issued a joint statement on CNN last […]

All you will need is a c compiler and your set. Here we go 😛 #include <time.h> This header enables the use of many functions to do with time, one of which is the clock_t function. We’ll delve into the clock_t function a bit later. #include <stdio.h> The <stdio.h> header lets use use about 60 […]