Need Cheap Ink?


I have tried to cut down printer costs, but all in vein till I spotted this wonderful website which sells cheap ink cartridges. InkjetRemix offers compatible Ink Cartridge for all inkjet printer brands. The best part about compatible ink cartridges is that, you get the quality of OEM at dirt cheap price.
Buying the Epson black cartridge, something that I fall short off every week, used to burn a hole in my pocket. But now I get the same for just one fourth its original price.
InkjetRemix is a very reliable website, which I have been using for quite sometime now. I thought, maybe I should let my readers know about such a cost effective option for I find a lot of my friends cribbing when they have to change their cartridges.
Most often they don’t bother changing the cartridges, since it is very costly and end up printing document from shops. This is sheer waste of the printer at home. These compatible Cheap Ink cartridges just help us use our printers more effectively.
Also what I like about InkjetRemix is the customer friendliness. They give good customer support. Apart from the usual website customer option, they also have phone line support, which makes them more reliable.

I also like their promotional offers. Some deals give you as much as 90 percent off on the original price and that is brilliant for a low budget bootstrapping company like mine.
The shipment charges are nominal. And if you are like me and fret about the shipment charges, then try buying the cartridges in bulk. If your order exceeds a minimum amount of $50 then they provide free shipping. Isn’t that great? Especially when they give you a one year guarantee…

InkjetRemix also provides laser tone cartridges, refill papers, ribbons and photo papers at nominal costs. I like their hacker proof secure billing system. It not only makes checkout easy, but also ensure full security. I have been using it for such a long time, and it is hassle free.
There is also Carrot Ink which provides similar services, but I prefer InkjetRemix for its sheer simple procedure, nice interface and good customer support. Carrot Ink is also great by its own means and you can get the cartridges without the big price tag attached. All their products are ISO 9001:2000 certified so you can be assured of good quality ink cartridges delivered to you. forums

So if you are looking forward to change that empty cartridge in your printer, then you know the one-stop place now: InkjetRemix. And if you ever are unsatisfied by the quality, which I am sure will not be the case, then there is always the 30 day money back guarantee which you can exercise as their valuable customer.

I am fed up with the Original Equipment Manufacturer Cartridges(OEM). They are too costly for me. I have my own start up company and being the organized person that I am, I spend a lot of money in printing and filing key documents.

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    My blog will teach you how to make sure the seller of cheap ink printer cartridge is genuine.


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