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I am not a big gaming freak who sits in front of the computer round the block but i do have considerable passion for playing games. I started with console gaming and i have played on for hours together. It is so addictive i would say. Then when i shifted to computer gaming there were […]

Merry Christmas to all readers of Bothack and let us start something productive now so that we enter the new year with a great opening. Many of you might have got some creative idea in your mind but there may be lot of things which will be preventing up from carrying on with that venture. […]

People with a penchant for storing huge quantities of information on their computers go for hard drives with capacities of more that 200 GB. With the price of hard drives crashing now a days, people tend to stack up thress to four drives in thier desktops. Invariably, if you are using a SATA drive compatible […]

Project Giveaway fo the Day is a new initiative to distribute some really cool and best softwares. What is the big deal? Unlike other sites which let you download a trial or limited demo, Giveaway of the Day provides you with the whole product. Everyday, one software title gets nominated. This software is available to […]

Web Hosting Choice is a one stop place to choose the right web host for your site. I find a lot of people these days are shifting to their own domains and are very confused and intimidated with the number of choices. They also find it inconvenient to manually check the specifications of each web […]

Change is one of the most inevitable things in this world and people do love change. Do you remember how you looked ten years ago and what considerable changes which you can witness now. As a blogger you should be able to give the latest and the interesting information to keep your visitors glued and […]

Josiah Cole has some useful tips on the kind of bloopers webmasters can avoid on their blogs or websites. Sample this If your website does not work in Firefox, welcome to 2007 DUMBASS. Yes in most markets Firefox only commands at most a 10-15% market share, but for some sites it’s much higher (my other […]

Money is one thing which every one on this world strives hard to earn. I would say that earning money is both he easiest and the toughest thing to do! Don’t get confused! If you plan and work accordingly then it is not a big deal and you can earn comfortably and at the same […]

These days everything is computerized and it is definitely hard to find a office which works accounts on papers and files. Everything we do is in done in the soft copy format but have you have thought of having your office without a printer. Definitely not, we will surely have to print some or the […]

If you think of creating a web-site, starting up an ecommerce project or selling your services to the online audience you must have an idea of how you are going to present your services/products/information to the web people. Even the most deliberate projects strategies fail if little attention has been paid to the details at […]