Ning – create and share your own Web Apps!


ning Ning is the easiest way to create your own Social Web Apps, or websites, on the Internet today. And it’s free!

With Ning, you have the power to create your very own Social Web App in a few easy steps. To start, get a free account, Browse Ning, All Apps, or App Categories are all great places to visit and see the thousands of Social Web Apps across the Ning Playground.

Then, when you’re ready to create your first Social Web App, just click the Clone this App button when you see it on the Ning Sidebar or visit our Clone an App tab.

If you want to develop your own Apps on the Ning Playground, you can do that too. You might need to grab a friend who knows how to write code, but for the adventurous, let’s get to it.

You can:

Let us know what you like and we’ll help you find other people, recommendations, books, movies, etc. for that topic. Just browse App Categories to find things of interest!

You own every App you create, build, or run on Ning. At any point in time, you can take your code and move it somewhere else.

On Ning, your code is open for other developers to use. This means it might continue to be a part of other apps long after you’ve left. If you want to protect your source code, follow the “Add Premium Features” link and choose the option to “Hide your Source Code.”


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