Archive for February 18th, 2006

There are many softwares/spywares to log your keyboard data. But here is a do it yourself  hardware keyboard logger. KeeLogger is a small circuit with a handful of components and simple circuit that can be assembled in a afternoon, which when connected to your keyboard cable, will log all the data on the PS/2 keyboard […]

Ning is the easiest way to create your own Social Web Apps, or websites, on the Internet today. And it’s free! With Ning, you have the power to create your very own Social Web App in a few easy steps. To start, get a free account, Browse Ning, All Apps, or App Categories are all […]

Tired of downloading sharewares to convet your documents, html, rss, website, text etc. into PDF format. Here is a list of online services which will do the dirty work for you at no cost. These web based service allows you to quickly create PDF from your PC, Mac, or Linux, from your home, your office […]