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Ever fancied getting into IIM Bangalore, is that the management destination of your dreams then here is your chance to catch a glimpse of how things work at the campus of your ambition, between Feb 3rd and 6th at UNMAAD ’06 A cultural delight with a dash of something for everyone. At just a glance […]

As the month ends here, we at BotHack provide you with our monthly special article. Many people have always been confused on which operating system suites them the best. Within this unbiased article you will find, listed many operating systems created by many companies. Explained are the history, usability, friendliness and flexibility of each OS, […]



Was there ever a time when you just sat looking at the computer screen wondering where next to go on the World wide Web? Look no further. StumbleUpon gives you hours of awesome surfing. They have a large database of websites rated by their users and they let you choose your areas of interests and […]

Takin Pictures


Kodak has a very informative and definitely helpful tutorial/tips page for the ameture photographers. By just following the top ten tips that they provide in their site, you can make your photos stand out. The tutorials also covers on how to shoot at different scenarios (wedding, special objects, babies, people, event etc.). What makes it […]

No hierarchy, no bureaucracy, no hassles… just the sun, the sand, the sea, cinema and more. It is time again for the third Bring Your Own Film Festival (BYOFF) on the Puri beach. BYOFF-2006, to be held from February 21 to 25, will be more than just a film festival — you can sing, dance, […]

The Barkha Dutt anchored talkshow ‘We The People’ is going to be shot in Chennai tomorrow (29th Jan). I gather the topic of discussion is going to be “dress code/Is chennai getting conservative”. For those who don’t know about ‘We the People’: the show basically involves a lot of people, with Barkha Dutt passing the […]

‘Wireless Networking in the Developing World’ is a eBook that is a practical guide to planning and building low-cost telecomunications infrastructure. Though the capabilities of wireless networking have gone up, it has also led to the increase in cost of equipment. The project involves applying this technology in areas that are badly in need of […]

Apress is a site which allows you to buy/download eBook for Professionals by professionals. Recently they have started giving away e-books on selected topics in PDF format for free. A short summary on what may be found in the eBook along with a check box (already checked) to subscribe to their newsletters is provided with […]

here is a pleasant alternative to those, who find it extremely difficult to find a their required search results. Previewseek is not just an ordinary search engine, it searches the web and organizes the search result under appropriate subtitles.     unlike Google one does not need to type ‘Define: search topic’ to find definitions, the search […]

The Mac feel


iFizzle is a website which provides you with the experience of the look and feel of a Mac. The Mac environment is far more supirior than the Windows. There are Mac setups which you can install and run on your PC. But before you do that you can check iFizzle and get to know whats […]