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Electronic Standard Book Number (ESBN) is the unique identifier of electronic content and media. ESBNs are recognized worldwide by electronic publishing companies and electronic content providers. ESBNs are simple and quick to generate and serve as branded identifier or copyright for individuals or companies developing electronic content and media. It is like tagging your posts […]

Make your dream of foreign internship come true!!! Appin knowledge solutions brings its second International Summer Exchange Program. After the huge success of International Summer Exchange Program 2005, Appin Knowledge Solutions is pleased to bring to you the International Summer Exchange Program 2006, this time with more opportunities and much advanced training. Appin is associating […]

Here is your chance to be a National Geographic Photographer. NG has come up with a new contest (not exactly) where in every month they will come up with a theme, and readers and non readers can click their pictures and upload it in their site. A few shots will be published in the following […]