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Greeting Bothack readers and technology enthusiasts. Thank you all for patronizing our blog. Since this blog was started back in January 2006, we have come a long way. We are barely 10,000 away from reaching the magical 500,000 visitors mark. In this regard, we plan to ramp up the look of the site and also […]

The objective here is to have two fully functioning mobile phones while only paying one bill. You’ll need two cell phones, one with service and another without. Now the first step is to find the secret menu on your cell. is one of the best places to find that out, just search for your […]

Hi, how many of you have felt the need to create a new wordpress template/theme and felt that the structure is too intimidating? We had the same feeling too until we realised how easy it is to create a wordpress template. (I also presented this at the BlogCamp 2006, Chennai) A few things before you […]

11:00 am: The first presentation in track 2 just got over. Ganesh from BotHack gave an introduction to the wordpress platform to a crowd of about fifty. There were many questions about the basic working of wordpress, doubts, queries and technical suggestions and they were very well received, interpreted and discussed. He spoke briefly about […]

Its time to celebrate. For all those who thought was long, we introduce you to – your one stop blog for tech 🙂

Now that we have introduced you to the basic requirements to become a podcaster in the first part. We now go into the details of recording your podcasts. This can be done off the computer or by using the computer. Recording Off the computer: There are times when you want to record your music band’s […]

I find that desktop and online blog editors and publishers like Qumana and Performancing Fox are unable to automatically configure the all new Blogger Beta. When you perfrom the same actions you did for your normal blogger blog in Qumana you get an error stating “unable to integrate Blogger API” All you have to do […]

Many times on programming there is a need of swapping 2 variables, i.e. exchange their value. An example is (in Pseudocode) : a=10 b=20 print a,b // 10,20 temp=a a=b b=temp print a,b // 20,10 What if we want to swap a,b without a temp var? (this is also nice as simple programming challenge. We […]

Instructables has a good tutorial on how to make a cheap usb charger for your portable electronic devices including iPods, PDAs and cellphones. Wouldnt it be great if you could pull out a matchbox size circuit and plug it on your cellphone/iPod when the battery dies and can rejuvenate the life of the battery. Makes […]

RC-Cam has a neat DIY project tutorial to convert a cheap RC car into a RC airplane. The tutorial also includes a good and rare hack on how to soup up the RC range with three little mods to the circuit. By just adding a couple of resistors and a transistor or an op amp, […]