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The revolution in web2.0 has changed the way we use internet. Today there are lots of web sites which run on user generated content. One of the typical examples of such a site is Youtube. The moment we think of video sharing the first thing that pops up in our mind is youtube. I am […]

Zamzar, the popular online conversion tool now provides support for converting YouTube videos. You can now do the following with Zamzar: 1. Browse to a URL and convert files 2. Have Zamzar integrated to your favourite browser 3. Convert videos from sites, for example YouTube. Related reading: Zamzar – The free online conversion tool Zamzar […]

Chad and Steve, founders of youtube, give a breifing on what will happen in the future after Google acquired youtube day before. A must see for all Googlers and Youtube addicts 🙂 One thing is made clear,  google video search results will involve youtube videos too 🙂

Google bought Youtube (The popular Video sharing/broadcasting platform) for $1.65 billion in stock. The good news is that, Youtube will still run independently to preserve its successful brand and passionate community. I am only hoping the “Flickr” and “Orkut” episod is not repeated – such that the new restrants will have to have a gmail […]

YouTube gets better, with more functionality and more access. A new feature at YouTube enables users to upload videos from their PDA/Mobile phone. This is good news to mobile video bloggers and the likes. Mobile videos increase ones reach to authentic and down to earth videos as you don't always have a camera when you […]

Yesterday we showed you how to download videos from google video store, and today we teach you a trick on how to download a YouTube video. YouTube is vast when comapared to Google Videos and has videos ranging from movies to sports. And now you can download it all with this little hack by the […]

The following is an excellent video tutorial regarding how one can use Bluetooth to hack a cellular phone by using Super Bluetooth hacking software.  Super Bluetooth Hack will make it extremely easy to hack cellular phones thru Bluetooth and turn into a Bluetooth spy. It is so simple to do. Video Description The video instruction […]

The cracking technique I addressed late last week required you to type in ten cumbersome commands that is easy to fat finger.  Although there is no simple user interface with a gigantic push button that states, “Crack” and plays the Mission Impossible theme music, a few windowed alternatives are practically more operable. SpoonWep in BackTrack […]

Turtle Says!


If you watch youtube funny videos then you will love this youtube video site I have found. It is and they have the best youtube videos on their website. It is constantly being updated and you will find only the funniest material on the site. It has its own unique turtle mascot which is […]

Here is a list of features offered by Not complete but hey, its got all the important ones. It Takes Seconds and is Free! You can get a blog started in less time than it takes you to read this sentence. All you need is an email address and a name. You can blog […]