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Currently within 2 hours a set of popular ISPs in India have blocked access to, and domain. The list as of now is: Spectranet MTNL Airtel Sify Reliance Powersurfer / Infocom Exatt 7 Star Cable Service BSNL users however havent faced this problem yet. Its high time, people shift to wordpress and […]

Here is a list of features offered by Not complete but hey, its got all the important ones. It Takes Seconds and is Free! You can get a blog started in less time than it takes you to read this sentence. All you need is an email address and a name. You can blog […]

Following the events where Kathy Sierra, a popular geek blogger had to cancel conference visits because of the death threats that were issued to her, things have come to a head. Chris Locke a.k.a Rageboy, the person behind the forum where the threats supposedly originated and Kathy Sierra issued a joint statement on CNN last […]

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Robert Scoble says the print version of the newspaper is doomed.  Well, not everywhere Robert. Popular blogger reels from death threats that forces her to miss key conferences. Helios launches alternative to Iphone. Mount a Windows shared folder on your Mac. From Lifehacker, one of my favourite blogs.

Vox is the new free blogging platform which graduated recently from the Six Apart Lab. At first sight I knew it lived up to the Six Apart reputation. Why does VOX score? Simply for its simplicity and features. Imagine blogger + livejournal + wordpress + flickr + orkut/myspace + youtube + amazon + listables + […]

3spots has a huge collection of social bookmarks buttons which you can add to the footer of your posts so that people can easily submit/rate/share your posts. This will not only increase your reader count but also make life easier for your readers to share and organize their online data. 3spots offers you the html […]

This November PodTech introduces the first edition of the Vloggies. What is Vloggies? Well simply put, it is the Webbies for Video Bloggers. The Vloggies Awards recognize individual and business excellence in creativity, quality and delivery of online video content. Most importantly, the Vloggies celebrate the growing community contribution to original video content for the […]

BlogCamp was a huge success. All of us left the place with our brains a bit more fuller than before. But there were a few things which we could avoid for the next edition of BlogCamp. What is there another BlogCamp in the pipe-lines? Yes it definitely is. Simply because, BlogCamp 2006 was a huge […]

You don’t need to know a thing about HTML code to make perfect posts. Write your posts at your own pace without having to be online. Publish your post, then repost it instantly to another blog. No more messing with different blog accounts or hosting services. Qumana is a free desktop blog editor which is […]

“Church of Customer” Blog has an article on “ten reasons why YouTube is far better than Google Videos any day”. Some of the points listed there surprised me and the rest was pretty much what I was acquited with. 1. YouTube was constructed with a community in mind. Its interface tools, such as tagging, a […]