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BrainNet Neural Network Library – Part I – provides you with quality content on Neural Network (A field along with fuzzy logic, which is quite important these days). Learn Neural Network Programming Step By Step And Develop a Simple Handwriting Detection System. The tutorials is precise, and helps you to understand and implement the theory […]

Google uses the font catull to make its logos and stuff. The font is on sale at for a wooping $99. But here is a neat tutorial which will enable you to make your own google fonts in three steps using the Photoshop. Start a new document by pressing CTRL + N make it […]

  I came across the Gimp User Group website and it's got some great content. They have really useful Tutorials for GIMP users and I found them pretty impressive. They cover some of the most basic techniques for creating some some of the most common and stunning effects used in 2D rendering. The tutorials covered […]

The following is an excellent video tutorial regarding how one can use Bluetooth to hack a cellular phone by using Super Bluetooth hacking software.  Super Bluetooth Hack will make it extremely easy to hack cellular phones thru Bluetooth and turn into a Bluetooth spy. It is so simple to do. Video Description The video instruction […]

The cracking technique I addressed late last week required you to type in ten cumbersome commands that is easy to fat finger.  Although there is no simple user interface with a gigantic push button that states, “Crack” and plays the Mission Impossible theme music, a few windowed alternatives are practically more operable. SpoonWep in BackTrack […]

One of the most unused feature of Apple Mac OS X is the application for internet sharing that is found in System Preferences -> Sharing -> Internet Sharing.  This is easy to set up, doing so would allow you to share wireless wifi connection to be shared with the other systems in your vicinity. This […]

The Fig Rig is nice accessory for budding short film makers. The Rig is designed to provide stability while using a handheld camera. If you’ve seen the continuous 90 minute takes in Figgis’s Timecode you know what prompted him to come up with this contraption. The Rig is pretty costly around $300-$400. But DIVXUSER has […]



The construction business in very vast and many projects will involve several thousands of dollars or even millions. At times some of the projects may get abandoned and the client may refuse to pay the expenses that have been incurred. It is always good to move legally in such cases and you may seek the […]



Photojojo has a brilliant tutorial on how to make your very own panographies by using Adobe photoshop or other such photo editors. The idea is simple: Similar to the previously mentioned Hockneyizer, instead of the software clipping your images into smaller segments, here you take pictures of smaller segments and crudely arrange them out using […]

You all know or should know that there are SEVERAL ways to do something, they all might be right.I’m going to show you the most simple but most rewarding also (in my opinion) way to get access to ftps.You start with downloading DC++ from google. For all of you who don’t know what DC++ is […]