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Mobile Monday Chennai edition is scheduled to happen on the 6th of May (tomorrow), which incidentally is a Sunday at IIT Madras. This sure does make the event a bit humorous since Mobile Monday on a Sunday turns out to be the expansion of MMS (The phenomenon which made mobile camera phones popular in India). […]

Using this Greasemonkey script you can switch your Gmail signature based on the From address you select. It simply Combines choosing “From: address” and signature into 1 action. Gmail with different attachment icons is another hack using Stylish firefox addon which lets you add attachment icons to your Gmail account (Well at least most of […]

India’s IT gaints have done nothing to foster technological innovation. Although they have built multi-billion-dollar businesses by providing outsourced IT services, they haven’t really created new intellectual property. India’s much -touted prowess rests merely on labour arbitrage. Having said that, it is true that India has the potential to become a technological innovation hotspot. It […]

BlogCamp was a huge success. All of us left the place with our brains a bit more fuller than before. But there were a few things which we could avoid for the next edition of BlogCamp. What is there another BlogCamp in the pipe-lines? Yes it definitely is. Simply because, BlogCamp 2006 was a huge […]

Its time to celebrate. For all those who thought was long, we introduce you to – your one stop blog for tech 🙂

Shaastra ’06


Shaastra 2006, this years edition of the IIT-M – technical festival is cooking already.  Like the previously mentioned Techfest ’06 (IIT-B) and Techkriti ’06 (IIT-K), Shaastra is the Chennai version of the Geek’s hang out. Shaastra is the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. True to its name, Shaastra (signifying ‘science’) […]

The long wait for previously mentioned BarCamp Chennai is finally coming to an end as the event unfolds tommorow at Ramanujam Computing center, Anna University. The two day event (8th and 9th of April, 2006) promises a lot of fun and a good learning and social networking bed for techies all around South India. A […]

Pragyan ’06


National Institute of Technology, Trichy is organizing PRAGYAN ’06, a national level techfest from 27 to 30th January 2006. Some very interesting competitions have been introduced. Dalal Street, modelled after stock market and Adaventure where you basically pit your hacking, designing, debugging and programming skills against the best in the nation. Dexter’s lab modelled after […]