Search results for ‘software’ call themselves a "Calendar of Updates Forum". An extremely useful website, you can keep track of all the latest softwares, their bugs and patches. The most useful feature of their website is the Calendar of Updates, which features quite a large number of softwares. It is of great use, especially for those with a […]

Here is an endless list of softwares which can be downloaded for free. They have been categorized to help you search the extensive lit easily. 3D Graphics: 3Delight Free – Anim8or – Aqsis – Blender – Houdini (Free Edition) – Now3D – OpenFX – POV-Ray – SOFTIMAGE|XSI […]

These are websites which have a list of packages and from where you can install missing packages or update existing packages for SUSE (Refer Previous Article). There are a number of such repositories. You can find a BIG list here Refer the previous article for learning how to add these repositories as installation sources. Enable […]

The following is an excellent video tutorial regarding how one can use Bluetooth to hack a cellular phone by using Super Bluetooth hacking software.  Super Bluetooth Hack will make it extremely easy to hack cellular phones thru Bluetooth and turn into a Bluetooth spy. It is so simple to do. Video Description The video instruction […]

The cracking technique I addressed late last week required you to type in ten cumbersome commands that is easy to fat finger.  Although there is no simple user interface with a gigantic push button that states, “Crack” and plays the Mission Impossible theme music, a few windowed alternatives are practically more operable. SpoonWep in BackTrack […]

Ladyada’s project involving Microcontroller, XBEE wireless module is used to monitor the power used up at homes using the wireless module. Ladyada provides you the Kit, the Project Design and the Software to monitor the power used. Apart form the basic software to receive the input from the wireless XBEE module, it also provides you […]

I have heard lot of people complaining that their new site still doesnt show up in the major search engines even after weeks. Now here is a neat way on how to get the search engines to crawl your web-site as soon as your site is up online. Submit your page to the following three […]

Zero Cafe has got a good round up on why students should go for entrepreneurship.It is a must read for any student who remotely has an idea of start ups and doesn’t feel ms/mba or a job at Infy is his future. Some of the points there drive the nail thro’ the head. It is […]

I am a hardcore computer user and sit and work in it for hours and hours together. Most of the people who work in the internet and the software industry are like this. Working on continuously like this will lead to a lot of disorders in the long run. Many things like neck pain, back […]

Every one who uses the computer will definitely know about the VIRUS. A VIRUS is a malicious program which will run in the background and may cause destruction to your system. Some of the viruses are very risks and may even wipe of your hard disk completely and corrupt your operating system. It is always […]