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Shaastra Begins


Previously mentioned IIT Madras techfest – Shaastra, began today. This five day event is sure gonna be exciting. So catch up with you folks there.

Shaastra is the annual technical festival of IIT Madras[1]. Were the spirit of engineering is celebrated. This is done by organising events that require engineering talent to win. It is a brilliant learning experience for everyone, as a participant, or as an audience member. Shaastra has an ISO certification for implementing Quality Management Systems which […]

Shaastra ’06


Shaastra 2006, this years edition of the IIT-M – technical festival is cooking already.  Like the previously mentioned Techfest ’06 (IIT-B) and Techkriti ’06 (IIT-K), Shaastra is the Chennai version of the Geek’s hang out. Shaastra is the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. True to its name, Shaastra (signifying ‘science’) […]

All the robotics entusiats who missed the Session by Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat at IIT M during Shaastra, here is a second chance. He is touring Kerala next week. Unlike Shaastra where Dr. Prahlad displayed a few soccer playing robots with his students from the NUS, in Kerala he would give a few sessions on his […]

One of the many online events at Shaastra (IIT M annual technical fest) is the Google Event – SEO Competition, where the participants are given a search string (durbatuluk shaastra equivocate coecelanth zeppelin) the search of the permutation and combination of which must result your page on top. The allowed web-hosts were:,,, […]

I came across this competition at Shaastra 2006 – The Google Event. The crux of the event is “Get a site – SEO it and make sure when a combination of the search string provided by co-ords is googled, your site pops up first.” All this in one month. Search Engine Optimization. Three words – […]