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For the past few days, Geocities proved to be the most suitable playground for script kiddies and phishers. With many social engineering geocities websites popping here and there luring people to part with their user ids and passwords, it has not been a good ride for geocities. Geocities is doing its best to pull down […]

Treo users can now rejoice Google’s new service – Google Maps in Treo. Well not exactly anew service, but this one, google claims: “We think this is the fastest, slickest version yet, with draggable maps and translucent pop-up balloons that don’t hide the map.” There are two ways for Treo users to download Google Maps: […]

Bhasker V Kode (Bosky) discussed about the basics of Ajax and Twidgets in his session. He introduced to the crowd in the conference hall, a few of the widgets that he created, which makes the blog more dynamic in nature. Bhasker who suggested that the trend of the current web is going towards widgets and […]

Kiruba announces the Vloggers Tinker Meetup to be held tomorrow at Virugambakam, Chennai. This would be a good start to popularize the idea of Video Blogging in India. —————————————– Huh! What’s that? Vlogger as in Video Blogger Tinker as in dirtying your hands. Meetup as in getting together. Gotcha? It’s a bunch of folks who […]

World Cup fever has caught up with Firefox extensions. FootieFox is a Firefox extension that provides live football scores from matches around the globe. The latest installment, version 1.0.3 is out! After having problems with the 1.0.1 release, the developers seem to have sorted out issues and it's working just fine. This extension is a […]

A recent product of the Google 20 is Google SketchUp, a 3-d modelling software which defenitely looks compact and easy to master unlike Auto Cad. One cant compare Google SketchUp with Auto Cad since AutoCad is a complete tool. But for starters AutoCad might be confusing. Sketchup is easy to learn and fun to play […]

Imagine Cup 06


Imagine cup, the Microsoft sponsored annual talent search competition is on and has reached the final phase of registration. The topic for this year’s imagine cup is “Imagine a world where technology enables us to live healthier lives” . This is an international competition with the prizes worth several thousand dollars to be won. This […]

Zero Cafe has got a good round up on why students should go for entrepreneurship.It is a must read for any student who remotely has an idea of start ups and doesn’t feel ms/mba or a job at Infy is his future. Some of the points there drive the nail thro’ the head. It is […]

Imagine tracking 400 Indian blogs in one page. Yes! Just one page, no clicking, no browsing thro’ ten pages figuring out what to read. All in just one page. – Samachar [Site still in Beta so bare with redirection] For More scoop on why Samachar:

Blogthing A free service, Blogthing lets you easily set up your own blog. Powered by the popular WordPress system, Blogthing offers lots of features, including free hosting, multiple template designs, free subdomains, and more. ZeroCatch One of the best free Web hosters that we’ve seen yet, ZeroCatch offers you 100 megs of space. This banner-ad […]