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Google has come out with a new scheme, where in they get the public to review/test their unreleased products. How? User Experience Research Program. Anybody across the world can participate in four levels: Usability study at a Google office: Typically, you will use a Google product or prototype, and give feedback on it. You could […]

All the robotics entusiats who missed the Session by Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat at IIT M during Shaastra, here is a second chance. He is touring Kerala next week. Unlike Shaastra where Dr. Prahlad displayed a few soccer playing robots with his students from the NUS, in Kerala he would give a few sessions on his […]

Google is organizing Automated Testing conference during September 7th and 8th in London. They are calling in for presentations. So if you have something to share then have a look at their site. The last date for submitting your presentation is June 1st. I’m happy to announce that Google will be hosting a Conference on […]

Flickr is the best photo sharing site. Here is a list of stuff/sites where you can enhance your experience with Flickr. The Great Flickr Tools Collection a site dedicated for flickr tools, with most of the cool tools available for Flickr doesnt have some of these links in it. Choose a friendly photostream URL. When […]

Showcase 2006


Department of computer science and automation at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Banglore is organizing a 2 day event called ‘Showcase 2006’. Many interesting events including the usuals like Bag the bugs (Debugging faulty codes), SofTex (Software carnival), Illumination (Digital art) have been scheduled under the In-house category. Triathalon seems to be a really innovative […]

Ever been interested to watch videos on World Wars, NASA, Motion Pictures, Apollo 11 of the 1930s.  Google Video offers you these rare and very educative videos for free. The videos are a direct result of google’s collaboration with  the NARA (The National Archives and Records Administration). The videos will be available in the National […]

Tired of downloading sharewares to convet your documents, html, rss, website, text etc. into PDF format. Here is a list of online services which will do the dirty work for you at no cost. These web based service allows you to quickly create PDF from your PC, Mac, or Linux, from your home, your office […]

Learn step by step, fully legal methods to GET Name Brand Electronics & Other Products Delivered to You – Completely FREE? While the techniques discussed in this article do in fact allow you to acquire Free Electronics, this article also allows you to make money! I’m sure you’ve received those worthless free product samples in […]

As the month ends here, we at BotHack provide you with our monthly special article. Many people have always been confused on which operating system suites them the best. Within this unbiased article you will find, listed many operating systems created by many companies. Explained are the history, usability, friendliness and flexibility of each OS, […]