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The Knowledge Foundation, a motely group of technology enthusiasts and avid bloggers, the same bunch of folks who brought you Blogcamp, Barcamp, and other related events have teamed up to bring you India’s first podcasting event called This event, to be held next month on the 9th and the 10th at Tidel Park, […]

Read This first pro podcaster 1 and pro podcaster 2. We now assume that you have a basic sound file, which you are going to edit. In this part of the article we are going to use the audacity freeware to do all the basic edits. So that will require you to download audacity and […]

The Bothack team is proud to come up with this simple 1 minute podcast… Listen to it and enjoy 🙂 Update: We won the first place for the podcasting event 🙂

Now that we have introduced you to the basic requirements to become a podcaster in the first part. We now go into the details of recording your podcasts. This can be done off the computer or by using the computer. Recording Off the computer: There are times when you want to record your music band’s […]

Many of us know what a podcast is and many of us know what the technology involved behind it is. But the reason why most of us dont take to podcasting is because of the fact that we do not have a proper idea as to how to go about making a professional type podcast. […]

Web hosts that offer special podcasting plans: Audioblog – offers plans for podcasters and video podcasters. BIPmedia – offers three levels of service, Starter, Standard and Professional BlastPodcast – a no-cost podcast hosting service that inserts audio adds automatically into podcasts. Publishers can earn revenue from the adds and receive free hosting. Blog Matrix – […]

If you are looking forward to PodCasting or have already taken to Pod-Casting, here is a free magazine, Podcast User, that you will not want to miss. Instead of going for O’Reilly’s Podcasting books, this could be a wonderful alternative. For one it is free and two it is a magazine and gives you the […]



Feed2Podcast is a service which allows you to turn your rss feed into a audio podcast. The service ideal for bloggers can also be used with any RSS feed. Feed2Podcast allows readers to subscribe to your blog posts in the form of podcats in iTunes, supporting both Mac and Windows. It also provides a flash player format, where […]

Razz Mixer is the latest to join the zillion podcasting services available online. Though it might be late to join the band wagon, it certainly registers a good impression for its simplicity and feature. Step 1: Choose sounds by dragging them from the “more effects” drawer and dropping them onto the effects buttons. Step 2: […]

Best of the Blogs contest ( involves putting together a catalog of blogs on a variety of topics that are actually worth reading. Here is your chance to add your favorite blogs and podcasts to the list, so that the whole world can also know your tastes and benifit from it. Only three more days […]