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Picture cloud is a site, which allows you to stictch many sequencial photos into one 3-d objects and integrate it to any site/blog/homepage. A picture cloud is a 3D object, shown on the web as we see it in the real world.In simple terms, a picture cloud replaces your still photo with one that spins […]

Digital Photography School has an article on '10 ways to add variety to your digital photography'. The article doesnt involve unimaginable out of world techniques, but makes a list of ten most trivial but foregone steps to make continuous photography interesting. Mostly while shooting a lot of images in short time, the photographer foregoes the […]

We’ve got a GREAT contest to tell you about – one that offers bloggers a chance to win a slew of prizes just by getting creative with your photographs and snapshots. has joined forces with some friends that gives you a chance to show off your “story-telling” abilities using the super-easy photo-sharing service, […]

My very first DSLR camera was the Canon 20D.  I received the camera from my parents as a college graduation present.  They took me to the camera store where the three of us expected to purchase the 20D for $1600, but we found it on sale for $1300.  As I look back now, the 20D […]

I have heard lot of people complaining that their new site still doesnt show up in the major search engines even after weeks. Now here is a neat way on how to get the search engines to crawl your web-site as soon as your site is up online. Submit your page to the following three […]

Woah! I had a good mind to put that ‘A’ in the title, for this was one of the many lists that were floating around the net. But I soon remembered the big fight going over the web on the existence of A-List bloggers. When choosing the title of this post requires second thought, you […]

BlogCamp was a huge success. All of us left the place with our brains a bit more fuller than before. But there were a few things which we could avoid for the next edition of BlogCamp. What is there another BlogCamp in the pipe-lines? Yes it definitely is. Simply because, BlogCamp 2006 was a huge […]

10:00 am: The day started out pretty sluggish, with guys not getting enough sleep over the last night beach house party. Kartik Kannan gave a good talk on marketing via blogs. It was pretty interesting. Then continued the session on Blogging for Indian Politics by Veena of SGS Technologies. I took to the rule of […]

After the grand success of the MFM awards, Nokia are now back , teaming up with Wills Lifestyle roping in the fashion photographers by celebrating the India Fashion Week. “Keep an eye out for fashion and capture it on your Nokia camera phone. From clothes to accessories, tattooes and personal style statements. Click anything you […]

For all you Photography and Electronics enthusiasts – Check out this great tutorial on how to build your very own Camera Flash Trigger