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The following is an excellent video tutorial regarding how one can use Bluetooth to hack a cellular phone by using Super Bluetooth hacking software.  Super Bluetooth Hack will make it extremely easy to hack cellular phones thru Bluetooth and turn into a Bluetooth spy. It is so simple to do. Video Description The video instruction […]

One of the most unused feature of Apple Mac OS X is the application for internet sharing that is found in System Preferences -> Sharing -> Internet Sharing.  This is easy to set up, doing so would allow you to share wireless wifi connection to be shared with the other systems in your vicinity. This […]

There are a number of use-cases for which you would want to browse a mobile-optimized website on your PC. When you visit the mobile website on your PC’s web browser, the website displays the full content much to your dismay. However, when you visit the browser on a mobile, it displays a perfectly mobile optimized […]

Hi guys, of late, gmail has been loading very slowly for me. This means that, when ever I give my username and password at the login screen, after successful login, the screenshot shown below displays. [Click to see a bigger version] When that happens we hate to wait for infinitely long times. So, I discovered […]

Do you remember how much you paid for the laptop which you are currently using? I am pretty sure that you can get a brand new one with the latest configuration for the same price and the prices of notebooks are coming down at regular intervals. But have you imagined getting laptops at down to […]

You all know or should know that there are SEVERAL ways to do something, they all might be right.I’m going to show you the most simple but most rewarding also (in my opinion) way to get access to ftps.You start with downloading DC++ from google. For all of you who don’t know what DC++ is […]

For all you Photography and Electronics enthusiasts – Check out this great tutorial on how to build your very own Camera Flash Trigger

Labelr is a service which lets you organize your blogger post. One of the important reasons why I shifted to wordpress from blogger was because of the lack of a feature to tag/categorize the posts. Categories make life a lot easier. Blogger is my favorite blogging application, partly because of their good looking templates, partly […]

‘Just Show Me how to’ is a video how-to store which promises a lot of interesting how to videos on taking great pictures, using your camera and finding a camera that suites you. The site also provides you with a free video of the week, which you can watch on their site itself for free, […]

Have you changed your server or shifted your domain and are losing out your traffic. Here is all you have to do to redirect people from your previous site to the new one. Let us assume you want to redirect to Here is how redirection works: 1) You add a special line of […]