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Free DIY eBook


Project Gutenberg offers 2 free ebooks for the geek in you. “Things to Make” – by Archibald Williams and “The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1” – by popular Mechnics. Both books provide many interesting projects including carpentry, fitting, machinery, planes, gliders, steam engines and a lot more with neat explaination and diagrams/sketchs to help you. They […]

Elephant Staircase has a nice tutorial on how to make your own Dry Erase Board. It’s super simple and requires a few things of the likes: acrylic plastic sheet, washers, wall anchors. All of which is readily available at your local hardware shop. The article is pretty detailed and also analyzes the other modes of […]

DIY helicopter


Summer is here. Holidays have begun, and here is your dream holiday project. Ben has this nice write up on how to make your own helicopter. The tutorial is pretty cool and has a page where he has put up a chart with all the components of the helicopter drawn to scale on it. Simply […]

You have got to check this out to believe it. Nathan has designed his own wireless motion sensor which is pretty tiny. The best part is he has now put up the tutorials on how you can make one for yourself in a lazy afternoon with loads of pictures and pointers. This increases the possibility […]

Instructables has a brilliant step by step project on ‘Do It Yourself (DIY) Laptop Cooler’. The instructions are detailed with loads of pictures to help you step by step to make your own very cheap laptop coolers. All the components required can be found at your local hardware and electricals shop. Mostly laptop users bicker […] has a good article on ” How to build your own wireless receiver and transmitter device? Use RF in your next embedded application design!” The article also explains the coding part of the rf kit. A link to download the whole project is also given. The RF pair is very small and is very […]

Here is a DIY easy tutorial on how to make your own ‘Cricket Robot’. The tutorial also includes the Basic Stamp programming and other required programs. Cricket is an autonomous robot that walks around by moving all six legs using three motors. He avoids objects when touched by the feelers, chirps randomly, and blinks his […]

Here is a neat DIY light box/light tent photo box. The materials required to build this cheap light box, can be found in any local hardware store. The major component of the construction being PVC tubes and PVC joints that can be found almost anywhere (sometimes even for free at construction sites). The project will […]

RC-Cam has a neat DIY project tutorial to convert a cheap RC car into a RC airplane. The tutorial also includes a good and rare hack on how to soup up the RC range with three little mods to the circuit. By just adding a couple of resistors and a transistor or an op amp, […]

DIY photolab


Developing photos is getting more and more complex with lot of new and dangerous chemicals and techniques zooming the market. But Shutterbug has an article which shows you how to use safe, chemical-free film processing chemicals that you can find in your kitchen cupboard. Materials like coffee, tea, vanilla extract, salt etc. can be used […]