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I am not a big gaming freak who sits in front of the computer round the block but i do have considerable passion for playing games. I started with console gaming and i have played on for hours together. It is so addictive i would say. Then when i shifted to computer gaming there were […]

Merry Christmas to all readers of Bothack and let us start something productive now so that we enter the new year with a great opening. Many of you might have got some creative idea in your mind but there may be lot of things which will be preventing up from carrying on with that venture. […]

Money is one thing which every one on this world strives hard to earn. I would say that earning money is both he easiest and the toughest thing to do! Don’t get confused! If you plan and work accordingly then it is not a big deal and you can earn comfortably and at the same […]

If you think of creating a web-site, starting up an ecommerce project or selling your services to the online audience you must have an idea of how you are going to present your services/products/information to the web people. Even the most deliberate projects strategies fail if little attention has been paid to the details at […]

Even if you are a small one-person company and have a very small budget for CRM, there’s no excuse for overlooking CRM entirely. Establishing good customer service is exactly what will turn your small company into a larger company. Happy customers simply mean more referrals, more business, and a larger profit. No business can afford […]

For a tech geek or a blogger a laptop is by far the best companion. Whenever you go to a conference or a blog meet you cannot survive without a laptop and people like me(Most others too!) will have the urge to check their mails every 5 minutes. One big concern when it comes to […]

It has been around two years now since Bothack was started and it has come a long way through. A few months back the site reached the half a million mark and it is still getting stronger. One thing which i have repented from the beginning is not moving Bothack to a hosted domain. Once […]

Need Cheap Ink?


I have tried to cut down printer costs, but all in vein till I spotted this wonderful website which sells cheap ink cartridges. InkjetRemix offers compatible Ink Cartridge for all inkjet printer brands. The best part about compatible ink cartridges is that, you get the quality of OEM at dirt cheap price. Buying the Epson […]

Generators are one of the exotic features present in python which makes it a very,very high level programming language.Generator, simply put, is a python function with keyword yield in it. The yield keyword will suspend the function’s execution,remember the state of all the local variables and will yield a value,unlike a normal function which will […]

Hobbes: Everything familiar has disappeared. The world looks brand-new! Calvin: A new year…a fresh clean start! Hobbes: It’s like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on! Calvin: A day full of possibilities! It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…let’s go exploring! BotHack team wishes you all a happy new year. We are […]