Top 11 reasons Students should become Entrepreneurs


Zero Cafe has got a good round up on why students should go for entrepreneurship.It is a must read for any student who remotely has an idea of start ups and doesn’t feel ms/mba or a job at Infy is his future. Some of the points there drive the nail thro’ the head. It is amazing that students can be good entrepreneurs basically cauze they have nothing to lose. You suck at it, you just give it up and go on to do an MS or MBA or take a day job at some software company.

4. Only you get screwed

When you are a fresh graduate and your venture or ventures fail, its you who gets screwed and no one else. But if you fail in the same fashion 10 years later your spouse, your children’s trust funds and all your dependents will feel the impact. As you can see most people have a very small window of opurtunity to fail, from their mid 20’s to their early 30’s beyond which people around them start to bare the brunt of the failure. This is the reason why there are so little first time entrepreneurs that start when they have a young family.

5. Can’t loose what you ain’t got

When you begin with nothing(no capital) and try to bootstrap your venture like most young entrepreneurs do, you have little to loose other than your time. On the other hand if you launch a venture after you have been working for a couple of years, more often than not you are going to have a higher intial investment and burn rate. Here the young entrepreneur can afford to fail and as a result is able to tackle high risk high rewards ventures. However when a major investment of capital your own capital is involved high risk ventures don’t exactly seem that attractive. A fresh graduate has better downsides to most ventures than someone who has worked for a couple of years. However they share the same or similar upsides to most ventures.

Check out the rest of the points too. Makes for a good read. This article is only the part one. I can’t wait for the part two…

Top 11 reasons why you should become an Entrepreneur

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