Computer Keyboard Tray


I am a hardcore computer user and sit and work in it for hours and hours together. Most of the people who work in the internet and the software industry are like this. Working on continuously like this will lead to a lot of disorders in the long run. Many things like neck pain, back ache, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome., eye sight problems will occur and adequate steps should be taken in order to prevent those. One basic step is to correct your sitting posture and the way you work on the system.

Ergo ware is a company which sells ergonomic office products. The computer keyboard tray will help you to get rid of many problems and t will be strategically placed so that it gives you very little stress when you work on for long hours. I like the keyboard tray with the swivel mouse platform and i am planning to get t in a short while. Doc heck out the other products monitor arms, privacy screens and many more at Ergoware.

6 Responses to “Computer Keyboard Tray”

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  2. A keyboard tray is a great way to improve comfort and productivity at the computer. They are the most popular first-steps to an ergonomic workstation.

  3. wonderful post

  4. huh… cool info

  5. Very interesting product! Ergonomics are important! 🙂

    – Moose
    Editor of the Canon T1i Blog

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