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Hi guys, of late, gmail has been loading very slowly for me. This means that, when ever I give my username and password at the login screen, after successful login, the screenshot shown below displays. [Click to see a bigger version] When that happens we hate to wait for infinitely long times. So, I discovered […]

This script allows php code to be run every time a certain jpg is loaded. The script below would log the IP that loaded image, the date, referer, and useragent, but it could be edited to do loads of things. Strictly for educational purpose. Just create a directory, put this php code into a file […]



The construction business in very vast and many projects will involve several thousands of dollars or even millions. At times some of the projects may get abandoned and the client may refuse to pay the expenses that have been incurred. It is always good to move legally in such cases and you may seek the […]

Zero Cafe has got a good round up on why students should go for entrepreneurship.It is a must read for any student who remotely has an idea of start ups and doesn’t feel ms/mba or a job at Infy is his future. Some of the points there drive the nail thro’ the head. It is […]

I am a hardcore computer user and sit and work in it for hours and hours together. Most of the people who work in the internet and the software industry are like this. Working on continuously like this will lead to a lot of disorders in the long run. Many things like neck pain, back […]

Money can be obtained by pledging any property of any form. But there are several procedures to be followed before we claim it and in case if is an ancestral property and you are the legal heir for it then you can’t get a normal loan. If you go on to a bank or a […]