What’s Your Point?


Expression is priceless and many times we feel an urge to express our views to some one but we don’t find a proper medium to put it in and it dies of with time. Sharing is joy and only when you let others know about what you think it will bring in cheer for every one. It will also be a great opportunity to learn more about things and increase our thinking quotient. Blogs are one of the most powerful ways of expressing your thoughts on what ever topic you like and over the past few years it has gained abnormal popularity. There are millions of blogs in the web and every day hundreds of thousands of new ones are being created but the sad point is 65% of those never go on for a update and over a period of time it dies off.

Blogging is a very powerful medium and it is a subsidiary to the main stream media and there are famous people who make out a great living out of their blogs. It is easy to create a blog but what is difficult is to scale it up and make it popular. So you want people to read your views but you don’t have a good medium to express it and you don’t think creating a new one will be a feasible option.Good!

So what is the solution???
There are few established players who will allow you to post your content on their blogs and they would have a readership base. By this way you can create a name for yourself as the author and at the same time the blog will also be getting the content. If you can get it on Today’s Blog you can strongly put forth your point. Your Point serves as a junction where you can get information on varied topics ranging from current happenings to latest developments in the technology field.

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