Top US colleges


Getting into a good college, without any regrets later is a dream come true for many students. A lot of work needs to be done to realize this dream, the works for which begin at the high school level itself.

US of A has a lot of premier institutes and universities to pursue your career goals. There are primarily three categories of people who apply to these universities.

a) The local state residents, who apply to their local state universities.
b) Other state residents who apply to different state universities
c) The international students from other countries who apply to top colleges in United States of America, for the want of a better educational experience, that universities in US of A are famous for.

The process of getting into a good university is a long one, starting with choosing which field you want to get into and which university you deem good for that particular field. Every student goes through this rigorous process and a very few succeed, but now with the help of Top US Colleges, this work is now simplified.

The site provides you with information of top universities and colleges in US of A, based on fields (art, engineering, law, psychology, medical et al) and based on geographic location (southern, northern, western et al). For instance if you are law aspirant then you can check out Boston College and the great facilities which they offer. For an ambitious computer guy the Georgia Tech College of computing will be a great learning place.

The information is neatly presented to you. What I like about their site is the detailed information about the college, its history, its facilities, its athletics, its tradition et al. They do not over dose the information and confuse you, which is why I would any day resort to Top US Colleges than other such sites.

I also like their trivia column that they provide for every colleges, which have some interesting facts that you might like to know. Like for instance the motto of Dartmouth College, which is listed under the computer category, was chosen by Wheelock. It reads , “Vox Clamantis in Deserto” in latin, which reads “The voice of one crying in the wilderness”.

Also the tradition column for each college, lets us know of important traditions that the leaflet of the college may not contain. For instance the Elmira college, have a Mountain Day tradition, which was started in 1918. Though it is not an official holiday, the classes are cancelled and the faculty, students and administrators meet and interact informally on that day. They organize sports activities and picnics on that day.

These small but important information makes Top US colleges my favorite site to choose the university apt for me.

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