Top Ten Web Hosting


One of the basic requirements to run a successful website is to have a good web host. You should not disappoint your users any day with a server error or out of bandwidth notice. Each and every visitor which your blog or web site gets should be considered as a treasure and the web masters should strive hard to keep the visitors to come back. It is generally called the piggy back effect. one good post will make them to explore and visit again.

It is very hard to survive or make it with with a free host and i have repented a lot for it and also after certain period of time shifting to a hosted page will not be a viable option because you will lose all the back links and other rankings. So i suggest every one to start with a hosted domain and you can now get cheap web hosting plans. There are certain things which needs to be checked before choosing your web host. The uptime should be close to cent percentage and the provider should provide good bandwidth so that you don’t run out of it when you have abnormal traffic due to a stumble or digg. I would prefer a linux host rather than other platforms because it is more reliable. The top ten web hosting plans given by hostingref will be of great help in choosing the right one.

2 Responses to “Top Ten Web Hosting”

  1. thanks it is very good

  2. Server Intellect is a great web hosting company. We have been extremely happy with its services. Server Intellect is one of the first Windows Web Hosts and Microsoft Gold Certified Partners to offer Windows Server 2008 ‘Longhorn’ on all Dedicated Servers, with the most substantial upgrade since Windows 2000. The upgrades have been very beneficial to our business.

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