Do you play online games?


I am not a big gaming freak who sits in front of the computer round the block but i do have considerable passion for playing games. I started with console gaming and i have played on for hours together. It is so addictive i would say. Then when i shifted to computer gaming there were a lot of role playing, action and adventure which kept me glued. i also love playing the small flash games and i still remember the copter game which i loved a lot. I was searching to play such games and indeed also found a lot of other free online games. There are lots of small games and do check them and it is very interesting.

3 Responses to “Do you play online games?”

  1. 1 IncareeKapden

    This is my first time posting, long time fan of this site, just wanted to say thanks for the great info.

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  2. yes.. sometimes i play 🙂

  3. yes, often

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