What you are looking for???


Merry Christmas to all readers of Bothack and let us start something productive now so that we enter the new year with a great opening. Many of you might have got some creative idea in your mind but there may be lot of things which will be preventing up from carrying on with that venture. List out what are all the benefits which you will gain and what things you need to do so as to make the venture a good success. If you are clear on what you are looking for then go ahead and give it a shot.

Let us assume you are starting a online service for which you will be targeting your audience through both the online and the off line medium. For any business marketing and publicity play major roles and you may try advertising through free nationwide classifieds and it will help you to bring in some customers. You can also consider using the newspaper classifieds in the corresponding section.

The location is a very important factor and it will not be useful if you running ads in a Texas website for a service you will be providing in Arizona. You can look for some arizona free local ads and put it there so that it reaches the local audience. After you have brought in customers the next step is to keep them glued with you. Interaction should be initiated and this can be done in some of the free forums and this way will also help to bring in new peeps.

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