19 mistakes a webmaster should never make


Josiah Cole has some useful tips on the kind of bloopers webmasters can avoid on their blogs or websites. Sample this

If your website does not work in Firefox, welcome to 2007 DUMBASS. Yes in most markets Firefox only commands at most a 10-15% market share, but for some sites it’s much higher (my other site Oomny.com has 80% Firefox users). Furthermore, if the morons you hired didn’t make your site and functionality compatible with Firefox they obviously have no idea what they’re doing, and aren’t up on their game. I have no idea why you would need a website, or functionality system that is so dependent on IE that it simply can’t work in Firefox, and frankly it doesn’t matter because there is no good reason…

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via Tomorrow’s playground

9 Responses to “19 mistakes a webmaster should never make”

  1. 1 broc

    84% of my viewers use firefox

  2. 2 Andy

    That’s a good thing. IE can’t match up to FF.

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