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Change is one of the most inevitable things in this world and people do love change. Do you remember how you looked ten years ago and what considerable changes which you can witness now. As a blogger you should be able to give the latest and the interesting information to keep your visitors glued and […]

Josiah Cole has some useful tips on the kind of bloopers webmasters can avoid on their blogs or websites. Sample this If your website does not work in Firefox, welcome to 2007 DUMBASS. Yes in most markets Firefox only commands at most a 10-15% market share, but for some sites it’s much higher (my other […]

Money is one thing which every one on this world strives hard to earn. I would say that earning money is both he easiest and the toughest thing to do! Don’t get confused! If you plan and work accordingly then it is not a big deal and you can earn comfortably and at the same […]

These days everything is computerized and it is definitely hard to find a office which works accounts on papers and files. Everything we do is in done in the soft copy format but have you have thought of having your office without a printer. Definitely not, we will surely have to print some or the […]