How to get access to various FTP sites


You all know or should know that there are SEVERAL ways to do something, they all might be right.I’m going to show you the most simple but most rewarding also (in my opinion) way to get access to ftps.You start with downloading DC++ from google. For all of you who don’t know what DC++ is then it is a p2p software to share files. It’s not like Kazaa or something so you just don’t search, you have to enter “hubs” (it’s like rooms kind of) and search for the files in there. Every hub has got its own rules, for example you must share atleast 10GB to enter it or something. But there are also hubs with no share limit so you can enter them right away, but they aren’t really the best. I would recommend to get maybe 50GB share or something because then you can enter MOST of the hubs. The better hubs you enter the higher is the chance that you will find password.

Right when you’ve downloaded DC++ and made all the configurations then enter a good hub (one with alot of people). Now to the harvesting password part. To get hold of password you need to get some dat files. For example some ftp clients store their passwords in files. One of the most popular clients is Flash FXP, that client stores the password in the sites.dat file. So what you do is to search for the sites.dat file in DC++ and then make sure that you uncheck the option “Only find user with free slots” since the file you are going to download only take around 3 kb or something. Then you should be able to download it even if your target doesn’t have any free slots. Right after you’ve downloaded around 5 of them go to google and search for Flash FXP password decrypter. Then just open the sites.dat file with notepad and decrypt the passwords. Tada! You can now enter the ftp, unless they changed it of course.

Another way is to search for another clients password file. One called WS FTP32. Hmm… now when I think about it I don’t really remember butI think the
file was called wsftp.ini. You could use an online decrypter to decrypt those passwords… you could just google it or go to:

That was it I suppose… oh and don’t do anything illegal! Like downloading warez or something. This tutorial is for educational purposes only, which explains its intended vagueness. =)

7 Responses to “How to get access to various FTP sites”

  1. 1 tiwari

    hay you hav told about it but can you tell some thing abot how to change my esn no of nokia 6600 dont tell me to go to other sites

  2. DC++ still exists? I was just thinking earlier about how much I loved using that years ago.

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  4. 4 Jack

    I doooooooooooooont understand I want to hack a website of my brother, but I don’t know how,,,,,,,,, please can anybody tell,, it is legal because he is my brother!!!

  5. DC++ became too much of a hassle. neeidng a trillion shared files to get into anything…
    But on subject, a person would have to be really, really dumb to share their whole harddrive and make this possible… Of course people do do that trying to raise their shared amount…

  6. i dn’t understand tooo :(((((

  7. 7 Mark

    Can’t figure this out :s

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