Flix55-Video Sharing


There have been lot of changes in the internet arena after the advent of web 2.0. User generated content was at an all time high and such sites produced amazing results. It was also the time when video sharing became very easy and the way we watch videos on the net took a new dimension. I guess most of us know that the video sharing giant made hell lot of money from their sale. You tube was bought by the internet giant Google for a whooping $3.2 billion. One point which everybody failed to notice was all the content in a site like you tube is generated by the user and yet they don’t get any monetary benefit. Every cent went to the founder, of course it was their idea but it was not a fair deal to the users.

I recently came across this video sharing site called Flix55 and found it to be really amazing. In Flix55users can get paid to watch videos apart from getting some good cash for uploading the videos. It is a great and easy way to earn money by uploading your original videos. Flix55 gives away $25 cash to the daily winners. Check out the latest video cash prize winners and who knows you can be the next one. The procedure is also quite simple and the user interface of the site is also very nice.

One other great opportunity is that you can get your videos on tv. A good number of factors like video rating, originality, views are taken into account for this purpose. Flix55 also awards points for watching, referring friends and uploading videos.

6 Responses to “Flix55-Video Sharing”

  1. 1 Paullee84

    A friend of mine won money for his video and I won some money because he named me a cash buddy. Seems easy

  2. my friend won money for his very funny video

  3. nice information

  4. i’ve won money for my video too

  5. too ueful

  6. Topic of your article is very interesting, i have bookmarked your blog

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