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An inventor in the Indian state of Kerala has come out with a car that can travel on land and on water, much like the Aquada, a car that costs around $150,000. 26 year old Vinod, a gizmo nut and a mechanic by profession modified a Maruti 800 (India’s best selling car) and fitted the […]



Photojojo has a brilliant tutorial on how to make your very own panographies by using Adobe photoshop or other such photo editors. The idea is simple: Similar to the previously mentioned Hockneyizer, instead of the software clipping your images into smaller segments, here you take pictures of smaller segments and crudely arrange them out using […]

Need Cheap Ink?


I have tried to cut down printer costs, but all in vein till I spotted this wonderful website which sells cheap ink cartridges. InkjetRemix offers compatible Ink Cartridge for all inkjet printer brands. The best part about compatible ink cartridges is that, you get the quality of OEM at dirt cheap price. Buying the Epson […]

You all know or should know that there are SEVERAL ways to do something, they all might be right.I’m going to show you the most simple but most rewarding also (in my opinion) way to get access to ftps.You start with downloading DC++ from google. For all of you who don’t know what DC++ is […]

Honeytech has posted a tutorial which describes how you can log in to Windows Xp without the help of a password. Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. This site is not liable if you mess up your operating system using this tutorial.

There have been lot of changes in the internet arena after the advent of web 2.0. User generated content was at an all time high and such sites produced amazing results. It was also the time when video sharing became very easy and the way we watch videos on the net took a new dimension. […]

Graceful Flavour has linked to a gadget, one of those whacky ones you can use when you are doing your thing in a toilet. It’s a paper roll designed to play the songs from your Ipod. This bizarre gadget has the following features: • 4 Integrated high performance moisture-free speakers deliver exceptional clarity and high […]