Blogging code of conduct


Following the events where Kathy Sierra, a popular geek blogger had to cancel conference visits because of the death threats that were issued to her, things have come to a head. Chris Locke a.k.a Rageboy, the person behind the forum where the threats supposedly originated and Kathy Sierra issued a joint statement on CNN last week . Following this, Tim O’Rielly, the publishing tyoccn and the man who coined Web 2.0 has drafted a bloggers code of conduct. Check it out here.

4 Responses to “Blogging code of conduct”

  1. Wow.

    I am only a polititcal teen blogger and I have not got anything like in my way….

    Asher Heimermann

  2. 2 Andy


    I am not sure I understand what you have written.

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    so thank you for it very much

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