A few of us at BotHack just realized how BotHack has been devoid of content relating to Linux, though most of us work on *nix machines. So we have created a new category for Linux related articles and keep an eye on it cauze we are gonna flood it with tips/tricks, tech news and hacks.

Since this post marks the beginning of a new category, here is a small introduction to Linux for all those readers who have no clue about it. I have absolutely no idea what to write here. It is all off the top of my head :), anyways on with the article.

Let’s start off with pretty much the basics. Linux is open source development of operating systems. It has no real owners, the platforms are usually completely free, and they are all a great alternative to Windows/Macintosh.

But there are so many different versions of Linux to chose from, I have listed the major ones below:

Ubuntu (has many others like Xubuntu, nUbuntu, edUbuntu, Kubuntu)
Fedora (which is pretty much the same as Redhat)
BackTrack 2

And that’s all I can think of at the moment. I have tried and tested Redhat, Mandrake and certain Ubuntu platforms. My favourite is just Ubuntu. Good ol’ plain simple Ubuntu, arguably the most user-friendly Linux distribution on the net. (The tag line for Ubuntu reads – Linux for humans :D)

Now Linux is better in many ways to Windows and Macintosh because it is completely open source and everything is free! Yes completely 100% free! All the distros (different types of linux) usually are free (especially Ubuntu, it has shipit which delivers as many Ubuntu disks you want straight to your front door at absolutely no charge whatsoever).

Also, all programs made for Linux are completely free, you can get a lot more games too. Now you get a lot of skiddies who use Linux. They download a program like MetaSploit and think ‘zomg I’m so fr1ggan 1337 I can use someone else’s exploit to hack into a server zomg’. Well if you chose to do this then that’s your choice. But not only that, you have an amazing terminal which you can configure to look like anything you want (I have used a Matrix style layout, it rocks!) and with that you are pretty much in control of your computer.

It is worth learning CLI (Command Line Interface) as it is extremely powerful. The super user is sudo normally on Linux but on Ubuntu it works in a slightly different way for some reason.

Some more reasons for Linux over Windows, you can program php and Perl and mySQL <– (pretty much a programming language in itself) easily. You can set up Apache easily and set up your own website, and if you configure DNS and buy a domain on the internet providing that you have a static IP you can host your own website off of your Linux box. Many servers out there use Redhat as the OS on their box.

One of the best qualities about Linux is that you can dual boot it so it can have Windows XP (or w.e. Windows you have) and Linux. Heck you can tri-boot it and have 3 OS’ on, heck go ahead and have 50 OS’ on but you’ll need a wopping great HDD to do that 😉 usually though it’s best to install Windows and then Linux because it is easier to configure the grub that way, and Microsoft are a pain at making life awkward. I think that’s their speciality 🙂

Windows decided to move away from MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) back in Windows ME (correct me if I am wrong) so that is another reason to switch to Linux. Linux has OO.o (Open which is the free alternative to MS Office, heck why pay £250-£350 for something when you can get something just as good for free? I know it makes no sense 🙂

Anyway I’ve ran out of things to say about Linux for now, might post another article lol, sorry if this was a bit edgy and sh!t but it’s just supposed to be an intro, and I thought I’d just give everybody a little background information on good ol’ Linux.

If you have any interesting articles on Linux and related stuff, please do mail them to bothack [at] gmail [dot] com.

5 Responses to “Linux”

  1. Nice article to motivate people use Linux .And
    one more info If you are a serious windows XP
    user and don’t want to change . LINUX has
    something to offer you too.Use XANDROS LINUX
    its specifically designed for people who like
    windows.The interface is pretty much the same
    in both .

  2. @Arun:
    But Ubuntu already does that 😀

  3. 3 Arun Vijay

    Yeah it does ganesh 🙂 …Take a look at this screen shot ..

    The fact is XANDROS is very much like windows and even looks so and UBUNTU doesn’t . Even the terminologies used are the same as windows..It has a control center (known as control panel in windows) accessories etc etc ..And even it has a built in provision to run windows applications under Linux environment .In case of UBUNTU you have to download WINE .

  4. er… Arun, I think you are jumping the gun, cauze the color of the bg and the taskbar and start look the same. Bu if you have looked closely, Ubuntu is just the same with nothing much changed except for the color. As for control center and accessories part of your argument, I feel a person who uses control panel in windows has brains enough to not get psyched enough to be intimidated by a different name. People are not scared of terminologies, they are scared of ignorance. And I most certainly feel all win applications are useless.

    Ubuntu has the most comprehensive archive to install any software… and those applications rock. Also Ubuntu is far superior to XANDROS in many other aspects – a simple google search should be enough to realize that 😀

  5. 5 john smith

    you forgot Slackware 😦
    how could you 😦

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