WordPress Domains


Ever wanted to host your current wordpress blog on your own domain? And without the loss of hits to your existing RSS feeds, current page etc.? If yes is your answer to any of the above 2 questions, then (clap, clap, clap) let us welcome “WordPress Domains” feature.

How to get to it
1. Login to wordpress. Go to your blog’s dashboard.
2. Click on Options->Domains.
3. In the textbox, add the name of domain you have just registered for yourself. If you have not registered one, go to BrainPulse. They offer some of the best rates. A new domain takes about a day to get activated.

Wordpress Domains

Ok… great to see that you have added your domain name at Options->Domains. There’s an extra step that needs to be followed. You need to change the name servers to point to ns1.wordpress.com or ns2.wordpress.com. Name servers can be changed by logging in to the system provided by the domain registrar. If you any doubts on the process, do get back to me.

Read more about this feature.

6 Responses to “WordPress Domains”

  1. Nice of you to highlight this.Blogger has it too, and it is free link up if you have a domain. Else you can buy from Enom for $10. Atleast till some time back, WordPress used to charge $10 for linkup, domain cost extra. Has this changed guys?

  2. 2 Aswin Anand

    The linkup is free. You just have to pay for your domain which costs between $7 and $9

  3. does blogger charge for link up … what would i have to pay other than the domain name charges ?

  4. @Dinesh:
    I don’t think you need to pay anything more.

  5. u need to pay some 10 or 15$ for linkup dear

  6. thank you dear friend for useful information
    thankx a lot 😉
    good luck to you

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