Momo Chennai this Sunday


Mobile Monday Chennai edition is scheduled to happen on the 6th of May (tomorrow), which incidentally is a Sunday at IIT Madras. This sure does make the event a bit humorous since Mobile Monday on a Sunday turns out to be the expansion of MMS (The phenomenon which made mobile camera phones popular in India).

The first edition is sounds interesting with the theme “Mobile Web Apps”. I am sure this 3 hour meet with other mobile-space buffs might just turn out to not only be educational but also spark some new ideas for development in the mobile web app space.

Date : On May 6th.

Timings : 10am – 1pm

Location and Address of the venue:

TeNeT – ADI Seminar Hall

CSD Block, III Floor

Indian Institute of Technology – Madras

Since this is just a 3 hour meet with a bunch of mobile techies, the registrations are limited so go register yourself quickly. For those who can’t make it, the BotHack team will try to do some justice in throwing light about the event.

Momo Chennai

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  2. thanks so much for a detailed post!!

  3. great company

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