500,000 hits – we are almost there


Greeting Bothack readers and technology enthusiasts. Thank you all for patronizing our blog. Since this blog was started back in January 2006, we have come a long way. We are barely 10,000 away from reaching the magical 500,000 visitors mark. In this regard, we plan to ramp up the look of the site and also possibly monetize it. We would like to have your opinions on the following:

  1. A logo for the blog and an anniversary logo for the event.
  2. Ideas for changing the template
  3. Your views on monetizing this blog (We are not very keen on this)
  4. Design for a t-shirt we plan to release to commemorate the event (We are bored :P).

It’s been quite a journey ever since all of us (Andy, Sagaro, Nushi, Baggy, Kausik) started writing for this site back in January 2006. Due to your patronage, we have had the motivation to post code, hacks and news on technology developments around the world beside funny news. Keep the comments and opinions coming fellow bloggers. Thank you once again. Keep blogging.

8 Responses to “500,000 hits – we are almost there”

  1. Congratulations on being close to the 500K mark. Keep up the good work.

  2. 2 Andy


    Thanks. It’s because of patrons like you that we have come this far.

    Keep blogging.

  3. When you say hits do you mean visitors or all the impressions. Unique visitor rates on average would be about ten times fewer than the “hits” they generate.


  4. 4 jerlinroosevelt

    Congrates for your good job….. reaching 500,000 visitors is amazing….. keep it up…

  5. very useful information thank you

  6. Congrates for your good job…..
    nice and useful post

  7. what about impressions?

  8. great post, thank you every one for this interesting blog and too interesting and useful comments

    wish you everything best

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