rar in jpg


Here’s a way u can hide a RAR file in a JPG file. Type in cmd.exe the following thing:


copy /b pic.jpg + file.rar result.jpg

/b – Binary Switch
pic.jpg – a jpg file u choose
file.rar – rar package
result.jpg – result of job !!

To open it use WinRaR to extract from result. But, the problem is when you open the file it takes a long time. It slows down your Windows machine. So, just use Linux. 😀

5 Responses to “rar in jpg”

  1. 1 sadasdas

    linux sux

  2. 2 sadasdas


  3. hoe verander ik rar in jpg

  4. 4 cousteau

    suppose in linux is
    cat pic.jpg file.rar > result.jpg

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