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Robert Scoble says the print version of the newspaper is doomed.  Well, not everywhere Robert. Popular blogger reels from death threats that forces her to miss key conferences. Helios launches alternative to Iphone. Mount a Windows shared folder on your Mac. From Lifehacker, one of my favourite blogs.

Scribd is a cool new service that lets you upload and share your documents online. Supported formats include PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, TXT and even more… Multiple files can be uploaded at once, and there’s no size limit. Add some description to the file and spice it up with some tags. That’s it! It’s there […]

If reports are to be believed, global software behemoth Microsoft is to submit a new photo format to a standards organisation that could signal the end of the much loved JPEG format. The format that has been proposed by Microsoft. The format that has been propsed by Microsoft is called HD Photo, previously called Windows Media […]

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Digg your favorite wordpress posts. Gears of War sweeps awards at the Game Developers Choice awards. No patches this month, says Microsoft. Search engine to rival Google and Yahoo(what?) in the pipeline, says Jimbo Wales of Wikipedia. Microsft takes potshots at Google over intellectual property. Ugly ethnic video wars among the Greeks and the Turks […]

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BBC signs deal with YouTube to host content.  Continue reading…  Apple and Cisco agree to share ‘iPhone’ name.  Continue reading…

Kurt Shintaku has an article on how you can install Windows Vista from a USB drive. Yes, Microsoft’s new operating system can be installed using a pen drive. Continue reading… Via Gizmodo. Image courtesy Microsoft Windows Vista press releases.