All quiet on the iPhone front – Apple and Cisco to smoke peace pipe



Apple and Cisco may decide to bury the hatchet over alleged copyright violations ending what could have been a very expensive and hard fought legal battle. Cisco filed a suit against the Ipod maker alleging that Apple copied “Iphone,” the name of Cisco’s trademark product line for their new phone that was launched at CES with much fanfare earlier this year.

Cisco has decided to give Apple time to respond to the lawsuit so that the two behemoths can reach a conclusion on trademark and sharing rights.

Via Gulf News and Gizmodo . Picture courtesy – Gulf News


5 Responses to “All quiet on the iPhone front – Apple and Cisco to smoke peace pipe”

  1. Its business, big companies just dont sprung on each other to say “Get it down now or ur dead”/…ANyways they get publicity

  2. @Ashish,
    That’s all they need. You can expect Apple’s product to sell like hot cakes when they launch it in the second half of 2007. Besides a legal wrangle would have proved costly and embarassing to the two giants.

  3. Inspiring quest there. What happened after? Take care!

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